Electrical Engineering Program

Our Electrical Engineering Program is devoted to the idea of design-simulate-build-test. Cadets graduating the program have the necessary skills to see projects through from requirements to working devices that meet real needs for customers. The Electrical Engineering Program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABEThttp://www.abet.org.

If you are a cadet interested in Electrical Engineering, contact any instructor in the EECS Department to be directed to an Academic Counselor.

Cadet studies in Electrical Engineering consist of a base of fundamental skills and knowledge followed by an opportunity to focus on a particular technology-based depth of study. The depth options are:

  • Alternative Energy
  • Communications
  • Cyber Engineering
  • Opto-electronics
  • Robotics

Did You Know?

Our US News rank in Best Colleges 2020
Top Public School #2

Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs #4
(where doctorate is not offered)

Our Forbes rank in America's Best Colleges 2019
U.S. Military Academy #32
Public #4

Curriculum & Facilities



The Electrical Engineering Program Faculty are committed to your success.

Program Director

Deputy Program Director

Clubs & Activities

Outside the classroom, many electrical engineering majors participate in clubs and activities that are great fun and professionally rewarding. A few examples...

  • Our Amateur Radio club communicates around the world, including periodic contacts with the International Space Station.
  • The Electronic Experimenters' Group provides, at no charge, kits, parts, tools, and faculty help for cadets who are interested in building their own electronic equipment.

Finally, we sponsor exciting summer opportunities for cadets to apply their knowledge in research and operational settings at locations throughout the world, normally for four to seven week periods.