Digital History Center


The United States Military Academy at West Point Department of History is a world leader in the field of digital history. This encompasses both a methodological approach to asking and answering questions about the human past that would have been impossible or impractical to tackle without the aid of computers, and the use of digital tools for communicating historical sources and analysis in better ways than traditional media allow. The Digital History Center (DHC) encourages, coordinates, and supports the efforts of our faculty and cadets in the creation of digital history products, and works to sustain and continuously improve the digital textbooks and other resources used to enhance the learning of cadets in the courses we teach. The DHC also serves the wider historical community by making available digital resources that support learning about, teaching, or connecting with history, including digital versions of our widely-used maps.

The mission of the Digital History Center is to assist the Department of History’s faculty in educating, training, and inspiring cadets by developing digital curricular resources for use in classrooms, on staff rides, and for out-of-class preparation for courses. The DHC also supports faculty, cadets, and visiting scholars undertaking research using digital history methods or developing digital-interactive presentations of their work.


Lead the nation in digital humanities research

Inspire future army leaders through the use of digital humanities methodologies

Serve the army as its intellectual leader in the use of digital humanities methodologies to study complex human problems