West Point Center for the Rule of Law (CROL)



        The West Point Center for the Rule of Law (CROL) plays a vital educational role in promoting respect for the rule of law—during peacetime and armed conflict. The CROL's mission is three-fold: to educate and imbue future leaders of our Army and nation with both a sophisticated appreciation for the rule of law as a central tenet of professional military ethic and a deep understanding of its principles; to inspire and contribute meaningfully to innovative, national and international legal debate and policy development; and to position West Point, as the premiere institution in the world for both academic excellence and military leadership, as a leader in promoting the rule of law. The CROL sponsors numerous Cadet development opportunities, including academic trips, summer internships (AIADs) and guest speakers throughout the year.


Below, Cadets and faculty on the Civil Rights Staff Ride meet with Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards

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