Center for Data Analysis and Statistics

Our Mission

To provide expertise for problems requiring statistical methods to the West Point community and Agencies throughout the Department of Defense which support the professional development and enhance classroom instruction for the faculty and cadets, and have the potential to make a significant contribution to the Army community.


The CDAS provides expertise for problems requiring statistical methods which may include statistical advice, support and advice on developing a data analysis project, and performing complete data analysis. These functions are performed primarily in support of the West Point Community but may also be provided on a case by case basis to agencies in the Department of Defense Agencies.


The CDAS provides professional links and assistance for statistical work at West Point and throughout the Department of Defense, while utilizing the technical expertise and providing professional development opportunities for staff and faculty throughout USMA. The CDAS will also provide a forum for developing summer academic enrichment programs for both cadets and faculty to expand their technical skills while providing an invaluable service to supported agencies and solving real world problems.


CDAS Director:  LTC Nick Clark
Phone: 845-938-7461