Advanced Physics

Advanced study in physics provides skills in critical thinking valued by all branches of the Army and an academic foundation well-suited for later specialization in virtually any technical field of value to the Army.

Cadets can apply the laws of physics to formulate mathematical models of physical systems, solve the resulting equations, and apply the solutions to hypothetical and real-world problems.

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Nuclear Engineering

The Nuclear Engineering major provides cadets the opportunity to solve complex, multi-disciplinary problems for the Army and the Nation, provide appropriate nuclear and radiological engineering expertise to the Army, communicate effectively, orally and in writing; providing clear instructions to subordinates and feedback to supervisors, and continue to develop and grow their intellect, professionalism, and character -- as Army officers and as engineers.

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Space Science

Space Science is the science of the space environment as well as the science behind the technology of spacecraft, satellites, and space exploration. The major is designed to provide cadets a solid foundation in orbital mechanics, the space environment, attitude determination and control, satellite communications, space structures, astronomy, astrophysics, space physics, remote sensing, and rocket propulsion. Opportunities are available to perform research at DoD and other laboratories that conduct space and missile defense related research during the summer.

Star trails image created by CDT Hague Bush class of 2021 and CDT George Zhang class of 2022 (click here for full image)

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