Department of Social Sciences



American Politics

The American Politics program uses political science tools to analyze and understand the American system of government, with the goal of explaining political outcomes.

Economics Major

Economics is the study of how to make optimal decisions in a scarce environment. Leadership and economics go hand-in-hand. In our economics program, we focus on principles that we call "The Economic Leader," where students take what they learn in the classroom and apply economic principles to effective organizational management and leadership. 

International Affairs Major

Students majoring in International Affairs (IA) study issues of conflict and cooperation in the international system. This involves examination of domestic influences on state behavior, the foreign relations of states, and characteristics of the international system. 



Counterterrorism Studies Minor

This program is designed to provide cadets with the tools to understand the nature and causes of terrorism in the 21st century, and the multifaceted issues associated with counterterrorism policy.

Grand Strategy Minor

The Rupert H. Johnson Grand Strategy Program at West Point offers cadets an opportunity to examine big questions about the future of the American role in the world.