Graduate Scholars Program (GSP)

The GSP is West Point’s official sponsor for cadets competing for prestigious scholarships such as the Rhodes, Marshall, and Fulbright. The Scholarship Program’s curriculum, mentorship, and outreach enable cadets who demonstrate exceptional service, leadership, and scholarship to reach their potential as thoughtful leaders in the Army and for the nation.

GSP Curriculum

The Scholarship Program extends its influence beyond the cadets enrolled in its courses to the entire West Point community and the world outside West Point’s walls.

Interested Plebes should consider enrolling in the Center for Enhanced Performance’s RS103.

This 1.5 credit-hour course introduces select yearlings (sophomores) to the Graduate Scholarship Program through close study of a single text in a small seminar setting. Students consider the role of ambition in a good life, why the best-laid plans of ambitious individuals sometimes go horribly wrong, and how leaders in all fields of human endeavor can set goals that are both lofty and achievable, while responding properly to failure.

Taken in the spring of cadets’ cow (junior) year, this 3 credit-hour course helps cadets align their interests and passions with the needs of the world to create substantial impact. Assignments include personal reflection and oral narrative, leadership development, sharing and role-playing exercises, incisive in-class discussions, and challenging readings.

Taken during the fall of cadets’ firstie (senior) year, this 1.5 credit-hour course prepares cadets to determine which scholarships to apply for and which programs of study to choose. Cadets also receive guidance in preparing their resumes and requesting letters of recommendation, composing compelling personal statements, and conducting engaging interviews.

Meet Our Scholars


Starting in their yearling (sophomore) year, cadets can apply for the Stamps Scholarship, which provides generous grants to support individually designed research and community service projects.  

The Graduate Scholarship Program prepares cows (juniors) for the Truman Scholarship competition, and firsties (seniors) for a number of scholarships that support graduate study in the United States and around the world. 

Explore information on individual scholarships managed by the GSP, biographies of our recent winners, and our historical results* in each competition.

The Stamps Scholarship provides generous grants to support individually designed research and community service projects.

Recent Winners

Langdon Ogburn, Class of 2021. Born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina, Langdon Ogburn is a Philosophy Major with a minor in Africa Regional Studies at the United States Military Academy at West Point. His desire to serve others and decrease unnecessary suffering around the world inspired him to attend West Point to gain the leadership skills necessary to make a difference in people’s lives. As the president of the tutoring program, Langdon has helped his peers reach their potential academically, while work in mental health research has enabled him to impact the broader West Point community. Langdon’s primary area of focus is mass atrocity prevention. As a Stamps Scholar, he has conducted research on the Cambodian Genocide, military action in Libya, modern military ethics, and military leadership lessons from the Rwandan Genocide. Through leadership in West Point’s Center for Holocaust and Genocide studies, he has enabled his peers to learn about the military’s role in mass atrocity prevention. He recently worked with the Center to create the first Mass Atrocity Prevention Practicum, where cadets worked alongside civilian peers in a realistic atrocity prevention scenario.  Ultimately, he hopes to help end mass atrocities by making this a primary objective of the United States Military. Langdon’s research as a Stamps scholar became a central component of his application for the Marshall Scholarship, which he won in the fall of 2020. As a Marshall Scholar, Langdon will pursue an M.A. in Conflict, Development, and Security at King's College London, followed by an M.Sc. in Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding from Durham University.

AnnMarie Moolenaar, Class of 2021. Born and raised in Midland, Michigan, AnnMarie is an International History and Philosophy Major with a Minor in Middle Eastern Studies at the United States Military Academy at West Point. During her undergraduate studies, AnnMarie has focused her academic and extracurricular activities toward her overall passions of ethics and narratives of war, moral injury and trauma in the military, and education that builds lasting peace after conflicts. In her research as a Stamps Scholar, AnnMarie has connected her passions to the post-conflict experiences of Middle America, Northern Africa, and Sub-Saharan Africa. With an understanding that mental trauma and stress can lead to disempowerment and poor decision-making in the military, AnnMarie has led efforts to improve mental health and wellness at West Point in the Yoga Club, Peer Support Counseling Program, Cadet Candidate Counseling Unit, and Reviv3 Life Promotion Program. AnnMarie plans to use her postgraduate research to develop a nuanced understanding of the best strategy for the Army’s interventions to identify and set the conditions needed for effective conflict resolution while minimizing harm. In her military career, AnnMarie hopes to develop structures that aid military efforts to support lasting peace in post-conflict contexts as a military intelligence officer.

Historical Results

Deana Arbelaez, Class of 2023

Seth Benson, Class of 2023

Alicyn Grete, Class of 2023

Kyle Kass, Class of 2023

Caleb Suh, Class of 2023

Michele Szegda, Class of 2023

Edward Tang, Class of 2023

Aidan Wright, Class of 2023

Kai Youngren, Class of 2023

Reed Bauer, Class of 2022

Tommy Hall, Class of 2022

Ty Homan, Class of 2022

Adam Johtanges, Class of 2022

Ryan Kreiser, Class of 2022

Veronica Lucian, Class of 2022

Nolan Pearce, Class of 2022

Felita Zhang, Class of 2022

Hunter Choy, Class of 2021

Zoe Contagonas, Class of 2021

Rachel Kinnison, Class of 2021

Leighton McAlpin, Class of 2021

AnnMarie Moolenaar, Class of 2021

Maxwell Myers, Class of 2021

Langdon Ogburn, Class of 2021

Cheyenne Quilter, Class of 2021

Daniel  Berardino, Class of 2020

Annamaria Dear, Class of 2020

Adam Hug, Class of 2020

Jacob Keith, Class of 2020

Maya Kuang, Class of 2020

Robert Norwood, Class of 2020

Ashley Salgado, Class of 2020

Nathaniel Schlosser, Class of 2020

Patrick Sutherland, Class of 2020

Whitney Gunderman, Class of 2019

Jesse Palmer, Class of 2019

Andrew Solomonides, Class of 2019

Peter Zhu, Class of 2019

Haley Duke, Class of 2018

Shawna Moore, Class of 2018

Remington Ponce-Pore, Class of 2018

Joy Schaefer, Class of 2018

Gabriela Barrera Gutierrez, Class of 2017

Jarrett Guyer, Class of 2017

Patrick Mullin, Class of 2017

Sam Ruppert, Class of 2017

Joseph Broderick, Class of 2016

Lisa Jones, Class of 2016

Ian Myers, Class of 2016

Alex Parra, Class of 2016

The Truman Scholarship provides up to $30,000 to apply toward graduate study in the U.S. or abroad in a wide variety of fields.  Many schools will match the Truman’s grant.

Recent Winners

Felita Zhang, Class of 2022. Felita is a first generation American raised in the United States and China. She was born in San Jose, California, but attended middle school in Shenzhen, China, where she learned more about women’s health and reproductive health education. Zhang’s experience in China motivated her to pursue a career in healthcare leadership, serving the U.S. Army and women in developing communities. She is the president of the Corbin Leadership Forum, a gender diversity and inclusion club that aims to educate, empower, and inspire military women. Felita is also the president of West Point’s American Chemical Society chapter and is also a researcher with West Point’s Multifunctional Materials Laboratory where she is developing cost effective, readily deployable technology such as biosensors to monitor maternal health. Her goal is to decrease maternal mortality in the Asia Pacific through establishing maternal health education programs for healthcare providers, while providing them with the latest biomedical technology. After West Point, Felita hopes to pursue an MD and a Doctor of Public Health with a focus on women’s healthcare policy.

Hope Hack, Class of 2019. Hope is an organizational psychology major. Her passion for sexual assault victim advocacy has inspired her to take leadership positions at the Academy as well as work with current policymakers to consider ways to better support victims and change the culture at West Point. Through sharing her personal story with others, Hope realized the overwhelming power that storytelling can have on building communities, empathy, and trust – all necessities for future army officers – so she developed Share Your Story, a storytelling forum for cadets and current army officers to come together to share and receive stories. Hope’s love for community building has led to her starting and facilitating other communities at West Point in other areas, such as fitness and religion. She has also served as a delegate from West Point to Israel through the Peace and Dialogue Leadership Initiative. Hope plans to continue her work in victim advocacy and eliminating sexual assault in the rest of her time at West Point as well as in her career as an army officer.

Robert Norwood, Class of 2019. Robert is majoring in computer science with a minor in Latin America regional studies at the United States Military Academy at West Point. He is the cadet in charge of the Cadet Media Group and spends much of his free time working to end the problem of sexual harassment and assault at West Point. He is also on the West Point Cyber Policy team and enjoys applying concepts from cyber and information war to find new ways to solve old problems. He is also a Stamps Scholar. After graduation, Robert hopes to continue reducing gender inequality as an officer in the newly gender-integrated armor branch of the United States Army. Robert gives all the credit to anything he has accomplished to Jesus Christ. His goal is to help others to learn to use their actions to value others.

Historical Results

Felita Zhang, Class of 2022

Hope Hack, Class of 2019

Robert Norwood, Class of 2019

Ashley Salgado, Class of 2018

Daniel B. Brownfield, Class of 2015

William W. Moore**, Class of 2015

Erin A. Mauldin, Class of 2014

Ahmad I. Nasir, Class of 2014

Hamid I. Nasir , Class of 2013

Marc C. Beaudoin, Class of 2011

Kelly E. MacDonald, Class of 2011

Alexandra A. Rosenberg, Class of 2010

Christopher M. Tarney, Class of 2008

Charles D. Eadie, Class of 2007

Todd A. Mainwaring, Class of 2007

Jonathan D. Bate, Class of 2006

Jessamyn J. Liu, Class of 2006

Anne C. Hsieh , Class of 2005

Steven D. Kreeger, Class of 2004

Joseph Z. Wells, Class of 2004

Seth A. Johnston, Class of 2003

Bre G. Millard , Class of 2003

Brian C. Babcock, Class of 2002

Zachariah R. Miller, Class of 2002

Erica J. Watson, Class of 2002

Seth A. Bodnar, Class of 2001

Garrett Meyers, Class of 2001

William W. Parsons, Class of 2000

Elizabeth O. Young, Class of 2000

Walter R. Cooper III, Class of 1999

Kevin J. Terrazas, Class of 1999

David I. Malkin, Class of 1998

Adam K. Ake, Class of 1997

Victoria J. Hulse, Class of 1996

Jennifer D. Oliva, Class of 1996

Rafael R. Lizardi, Class of 1994

Todd R. Morgenfeld, Class of 1994

Benjamin C. Block, Class of 1993

Craig P. Cummings, Class of 1993

The Anna Sobol Levy Fellowship provides full tuition for master's degrees in counter-terrorism and homeland security, or diplomacy and conflict studies, at the prestigious IDC Herzliya's Raphael Recanati International School, located near Tel Aviv.

Recent Winners

Talley Griffith, Class of 2021. Talley Griffith is a Nashville native who enlisted in the Army in 2013. He later enrolled in the United States Military Academy, where he majored in Systems Engineering and conducted research on integrating autonomous technologies at the small unit level.  

Upon Graduation, he will continue to work with the Robotics Research Center before attending graduate school in Israel as part of the Anna Sobol Levy Fellowship. He looks forward to serving in the Armor Branch after completing his master's degree.  

Historical Results

Cali Evans, Class of 2021

Talley Griffith, Class of 2021

Pedro Santiago-Bonilla, Class of 2021

Ashley Lasiter, Class of 2020

David Mitchell, Class of 2019

Jacob Pettit, Class of 2019

Scott Buchanan, Class of 2018

Lexi Johnson, Class of 2018

Sean O'Brien, Class of 2018

Amy Saxton, Class of 2015

Alexander Bastoky, Class of 2014

The Carnegie-Mellon West Point Scholarship provides full tuition for master’s degrees in international relations and politics, or information technology strategy, from Carnegie Mellon’s Institute for Politics and Strategy.

Recent Winners

Ryan Murphy, Class of 2021. From Stamford, Connecticut, Ryan Murphy is an International Affairs and Chinese double major with a research focus in conflict resolution and prevention at the United States Military Academy at West Point. His primary academic interests and research projects have been in the fields of international relations and security as well as comparative politics. In addition to this work, Ryan has a deep interest in and passion for languages, culture, politics, history, and making the world a better place or improving community relations on small and global scales. Outside of the classroom, Ryan completed an internship with the Office of the Secretary of Defense at the Pentagon and served as a Squad Leader in the Sandhurst Military Skills Competition. Ryan will become an aviation officer after commissioning, and he will earn an M.S. in International Relations and Politics at Carnegie Mellon University. Beyond the military, he hopes to continue his career in public service by using his experience in the Army as well as his education in political science to develop flexible frameworks for conflict mediation and resolution throughout the world.  

Historical Results

Ryan Murphy, Class of 2021

The East-West Scholarship provides up to 24 months of funding for a Master's degree at the University of Hawaii at Mānoa (UHM) in a field relevant to the goals and objectives of the East-West Center.

Recent Winners

Owen Ou, Class of 2020. Born in Saipan, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Owen has lived in China and Taiwan. As a double-major in International History and Chinese, Owen hopes to become a future Foreign Area Officer in the U.S. Army. His academic interests include the U.S.-China relationship, Cross-Strait relations, Chinese space development, and Chinese history. In addition to multiple academic trips to China and Hong Kong, Owen attended National Taiwan University for his semester abroad program and has served as a simultaneous translator for Indo-PACOM’s Deputy Director for Strategic Planning and Policy (J50) in multiple Chinese capstone presentations at West Point. His goal is to work toward promoting a less hostile relationship and decreasing the chances of conflict between the U.S. and China through effective diplomacy. He hopes to use his Chinese language skills and knowledge to promote U.S. interests and forge a productive, symbiotic relationship with China.

Historical Results

Owen Ou, Class of 2020

Drew Beckmann, Class of 2016

Duncan Aylor, Class of 2013

Robert Delaney, Class of 2013

David K. Lee, Class of 2010

Andrew J. Pulaski, Class of 2009

James R. Sessions III, Class of 2009

Michael J. Duda, Class of 2008

Nicholas J. Hanauer, Class of 2008

Cole J. Livieratos, Class of 2008

Mary E. Boyle , Class of 2007

Heather P. DiSilvio, Class of 2007

Marya J. Rosenberg, Class of 2007

Daniel A. Vallone, Class of 2007

Tom L. Cai, Class of 2006

Wei C. Chou, Class of 2006

Michael N. Lee, Class of 2006

Allison Y. Y. Pan, Class of 2006

Christopher M. Gin, Class of 2005

Michael S. Kolton, Class of 2005

Kha M. Nguyen, Class of 2005

Tomio J. Toyama, Class of 2005

Jason J. Nam, Class of 2004

Evan W. Brainerd, Class of 2003

Steven M. Hemmann, Class of 2003

Michael S. Lee, Class of 2003

David S. Chang, Class of 2002

John D. Finch, Class of 2002

Kenton E. Justice, Class of 2002

Ashleigh B. Pipes, Class of 2002

Richard T. K. Chen, Class of 2001

Jeffrey J. Han, Class of 2001

Susan J. Woo, Class of 2001

Scott P. Handler, Class of 2000

Austin K. Kim, Class of 2000

Kenneth S. Kondo, Jr., Class of 1999

Eric A. Blomstedt, Class of 1998

Daisy C. Mo, Class of 1997

Victor S. Olshansky, Class of 1997

David G. Williams, Class of 1993

Charlie H. Kim, Class of 1992

James C. Ku, Class of 1991

Thomas F. Pettit, Class of 1991

Fulbright Scholars receive funding to pursue a one-year graduate degree in one of more than 140 countries.

Recent Winners

Chris Hebert, Class of 2021. Chris Hebert is from Coral Springs, Florida and is an English major focusing on postcolonial literatures at West Point. Throughout his time at West Point, Chris has served in the Mounger Writing Center tutoring cadets in writing and has also served as the Cadet-In-Charge of the Creative Writing Forum, taking first place in the John Calabro Night of the Arts Poetry Competition this year for his work “You Song.” He took his passion for poetry with him on an exchange semester to the United States Coast Guard Academy, conducting an independent study with Dr. José Gonzalez—and he took his love of powerlifting with him as well, joining USCGA’s team and traveling back to West Point to compete. He has also participated in two AIADs with the FBI, becoming certified in Crisis Negotiations, and spending a few weeks with the FBI’s Counterterrorism Fly Team in Washington D.C. Chris’ interest in postcolonial literatures has led him to conduct an independent study with Dr. Molly Freitas, culminating in a paper “Deconstructing Racialized Depictions of Women in Heart of Darkness and Season of Migration to the North” which he presented at the American Comparative Literature Association’s undergraduate conference. Finally, his senior thesis looked at the colonial education narratives in three works of African literature, and resulted in an ethical framework for reading diverse works without the mentality of a tourist. As a Fulbright Scholar to Belgium, Chris will pursue an MA in African Studies at Ghent University. He will focus his research on identity formation in Rwandan literary works and cultural productions before and after Belgian colonization, and he hopes one day to work in US Army Africa Command. 

AnnMarie Moolenaar, Class of 2021. Born and raised in Midland, Michigan, AnnMarie is an International History and Philosophy Major with a Minor in Middle Eastern Studies at the United States Military Academy at West Point. While at West Point, AnnMarie’s academic interests have focused on the ethics and narratives of war, moral injury and trauma in the military, and post-conflict education programs. Deeply interested in the ethics of armed conflict, AnnMarie has competed on the Ethics Debate Team since her freshman year. After becoming a Stamps Scholar her sophomore year, AnnMarie researched the dilemmas of conflict resolution in Guatemala, Uganda, Rwanda, and Mexico. She also launched a project to research moral injury in the Army and co-hosted a roundtable of scholars to discuss the topic with cadets. Inspired by her research, she wrote her senior honor’s thesis on the implications of structural violence on just warfare theory.  As a Fulbright UK Scholar, AnnMarie will earn an MSc in Conflict Studies at the London School of Economics and Political Science. She intends to explore effective policy approaches to divorcing paternalism from international interventions for conflict prevention and mediation. Following her studies, she will serve as a Military Intelligence Officer posted in Germany. In her military career, AnnMarie hopes to shape the US Army’s approach to armed interventions while bridging the divides between the US armed forces, civilian actors, and foreign partners. 


Historical Results

Chris Hebert, Class of 2021

Adam Hoxeng, Class of 2021

AnnMarie Moolenaar, Class of 2021

Tyler Skidmore, Class of 2021

Deanna Edgar, Class of 2020

Haley Watson, Class of 2020

Anchor Losch, Class of 2020

Mary Cerbone, Class of 2020

Bryce Johnston, Class of 2020

Sarah Morrow, Class of 2020

Benjamin Denn, Class of 2019

John Lowe, Class of 2019

Stephen Gracza, Class of 2019

Samir Streatfield, Class of 2019

Ulysses McGinnis, Class of 2018

Miranda Bass, Class of 2018

Carolyn Kehn, Class of 2018

Isaiah Valdez, Class of 2018

John F. Hadley, Class of 2018

Michael Auten , Class of 2016

Colby Hyde, Class of 2016

Amos Lee, Class of 2016

Courtland R. Adams, Class of 2015

Daniel C. Glockler, Class of 2015

Kaiwen Lin, Class of 2015

Alexander I. Bastoky  2014

Steven Burroughs, Class of 2013

Hamid Nasir, Class of 2013

Paul N. Tindall, Class of 2013

Nathaniel D. Bastian, Class of 2008

Kahlil M. Tawil, Class of 2008

Daniel C. Lennox, Class of 2007

Daniel A. Vallone, Class of 2007

Stephanie L. Hightower, Class of 2006

Sean N. Miller , Class of 2006

Jacob T. Sheehan, Class of 2006

David H. Cowan, Class of 2005

Jeffrey D. Glick, Class of 2005

Gates-Cambridge Scholars receive a full scholarship to pursue any one- or two-year master’s program at the University of Cambridge.

Recent Winners

Zach Watson, Class of 2008. A Gates-Cambridge Scholar from West Point’s Class of 2008, Major Zach Watson is now an Assistant Professor of International Affairs at the United States Military Academy in West Point, New York, where he teaches courses in the Department of Social Sciences on civil conflict and settlement, international relations, and critical thought. He serves as the Executive Secretary of the West Point Graduate Scholarship Program, which prepares cadets to apply for Rhodes, Marshall, Fulbright, Gates, Schwarzman, and other scholarships. Major Watson previously served as a Fellow in the Chief of Staff of the Army’s Strategic Studies Group, where he developed operational concepts for future warfare. Prior to his work on the Army Staff, Major Watson commanded a Military Intelligence company supporting U.S. Army Pacific. He also deployed to Afghanistan with the First Cavalry Division in 2011-12 in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, serving in the Division CJ2 section and as an aide-de-camp. Major Watson holds an M.Phil. in Development Studies from Cambridge University, where he studied as a Gates Cambridge Scholar and a B.S. in Economics and Arabic from West Point.

Historical Results

Jon M. Chachula, Class of 2009

Michael J. McMahon, Class of 2008

Robert G. Rose, Class of 2008

Zachary N. Watson, Class of  2008

Andrew B. Robinson, Class of 2007

Jessamyn J. Liu, Class of 2006

Jennifer L. Gonser, Class of 2006

Heather I. Ritchey, Class of 2005

Steven D. Kreeger, Class of 2004

Joel D. Schumacher, Class of 2003

Matthew R. Adams, Class of 2002

Scott M. Katalenich, Class of 2002

Knight-Hennessy Scholars receive full scholarships to pursue a graduate degree at Stanford University.

Recent Winners

Kalista Schauer, Class of 2021. Kalista Schauer is a physics major and a Commissioned Aviation Officer for the U.S. Army. A Goldwater Scholar, Kalista has worked on numerous research projects spanning quantum field theory, photonics, and quantum optics. She has been published in the Journal of Undergraduate Physics twice for her papers “Optical Buffering in a Bottle Microresonator” and “Quantum inequalities and particle creation in the presence of an external, time dependent Mamaev Trunov potential.”  Kalista has interned at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory on the MiniCarb satellite development team and at Los Alamos National Laboratory on the Curiosity Rover team. Outside the lab, Kalista has served as Captain of the debate team for over two years, and she leads the Brigade Trust team for sexual assault and harassment prevention. At Stanford, Kalista will pursue a master’s degree in Applied Physics and hopes to work on the LIGO project, researching quantum optics, materials science, and gravitational waves.

Arelena Shala, Class of 2020. Born and raised in Prizren, Kosovo, Arelena Shala was a geospatial information sciences major with a minor in Middle Eastern regional studies at the United States Military Academy at West Point. During her undergraduate study, Arelena focused on  developing military intelligence capabilities and contributing to international security. Her research developed video-based methods of three-dimensional reconstruction of indoor environments to facilitate military intelligence acquisition and to support virtually simulated training. She conducted an internship at the Institute for Creative Technologies in the University of Southern California, where she contributed to research for the Army Research Laboratory. Additionally, she participated in an advanced language study and cultural immersion program to Tangier, Morocco, where she studied Arabic language, culture, and history. In her career, she intends to combine her passion for different cultures with her technical knowledge of geospatial operations to promote cross-border cooperation in the intelligence community, specifically in the Balkans, to defend against terrorism threats and contribute to international security.

Historical Results

Kalista Schauer, Class of 2021

AnnaMaria Dear, Class of 2020

Arelena Shala, Class of 2020

Kenneth Brinson, Class of 2019

Aaron Spikol, Class of 2015 (won in 2020)

Marshall Scholars receive a full scholarship to pursue graduate degree in the United Kingdom: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Marshall scholarships typically do not support professional or clinical degrees such as an MBA or medical degree. Graduate programs usually last for two years, though a one-year option exists, and applicants may seek two complementary one-year degrees (at one school or at two different schools).

Recent Winners

Tommy Hall, Class of 2022. Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, Tommy Hall is a Mandarin Major and the founder of the West Point Human Rights Lab. This multidisciplinary research team, comprised of ten cadets, studies genocide and crimes against humanity. In the fall of 2021, Tommy and his research group focused on the Uyghur people in Xinjiang, China, and they presented their findings to international experts at three professional conferences. Tommy has also held leadership positions in the policy debate team, the TRUST program, and the Writing Fellows program. His cybersecurity academic papers have twice been printed in the Cyber Defense Review. Tommy will commission in the Quartermaster branch and continue his studies on identity, mass atrocities, and displacement at the University of Cambridge as a Marshall Scholar.

Emma San Martin, Class of 2022. After listening to her father describe his childhood in Pinochet’s Chile, Emma Sophia San Martin determined to defend freedom through service as both a soldier and scientist.  Raised in New York, she is a Mechanical Engineering major with a minor in Aeronautics, and a proud member of Company F4.  Emma has published her research in postural control and aeromechanics with the American Society of Biomechanics (ASB) and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME); her work has earned research grants from the ASB, the Society of American Military Engineers, and the Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society.  She is the inventor of a carburetor de-icing device for UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) which is U.S. Patent Pending.  She was honored to command a Cadet Company in the summer of 2021 and is now the Executive Officer for her Battalion. In her free time, Emma enjoys writing music and singing with the Cadet Glee Club. Emma’s work with joint training operations at the National Training Center in Ft. Irwin, CA convinced her to commission as a Military Intelligence Officer. As a Marshall Scholar, she will pursue an M.Sc. in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Glasgow and an M.Sc. in Advanced Computational Methods for Aeronautics, Flow Management and Fluid-Structure Interaction from the Imperial College London.

Henry Thompson, Class of 2022. Born and raised in Charlotte, NC, Henry Thompson is an American Politics Major and Grand Strategy Minor at the United States Military Academy. His desire to defend the principles of equal opportunity and individual rights led him to pursue a military career. West Point drew him in with promises of great challenges and close friendships. Henry found both promises well met in the academic curriculum and the Sandhurst military skills team. During his Junior year, Henry led the Sandhurst Gold squad, and as a Senior, Henry leads as a co-captain of the team. For Cadet Basic Training, Henry served as a Company Commander, leading and inspiring 133 New Cadets to transition from civilians to cadets. Henry also serves as a Regimental S3, a role which requires to plan and lead operations for over 1,100 personnel. Henry’s research focus building effective alliances that are well-prepared to meet the challenges of the 21st century.  As a Marshall Scholar, Henry will earn an MA in International Conflict from the King’s College London War Studies program and an MSc in China and Globalisation from King’s College London’s China Institute. Henry will serve in the Infantry and pursue a career in Special Forces.


Historical Results

Tommy Hall, Class of 2022

Emma San Martin, Class of 2022

Henry Thompson, Class of 2022

Langdon Ogburn, Class of 2021

Lynne Mooradian, Class of 2020

Robert Drummond, Class of 2019

Madeleine Schneider, Class of 2019

David Bindon, Class of 2019

Joy Schaeffer, Class of 2018

Samuel R. Ruppert, Class of 2017

Ian Mauldin, Class of 2016

Alexander B. Brammer, Class of 2014

Ahmad I. Nasir, Class of 2014

Jeremy D. Smith, Class of 2011

Melvin J.K. Sanborn, Class of 2008

Charles D. Eadie, Class of 2007

Matthew C. Martel, Class of 2007

Ethan M. Orwin, Class of 2007

Peter J. Crawford, Class of 2006

Kent C. Debenedictis, Class of 2006

Jay J. Choi, Class of 2005

Anne M. Hammerstrom, Class of 2005

James M. Powers, Class of 2005

Joseph Z. Wells, Class of 2004

Seth A. Johnston, Class of 2003

Bre G. Millard , Class of 2003

Brian C. Babcock, Class of 2002

Anne C. McClain, Class of 2002

Kenneth W. Wainwright, Class of 2002

John B. Barker, Class of 2001

Guy L. Filippelli, Class of 1997

Jose D. Salinas, Class of 1997

David T. Johnson, Class of 1996

Hans Pung, Class of 1995

Raymond L. Eason, Class of 1994

E. Scott Rhind, Class of 1994

Richard O. Burney, Class of 1991

Edward P. Hoyt, Class of 1990

Michael J. Thorson, Class of 1990

Patrick A. Brown, Class of 1989

Michael R. Greene, Class of 1989

Lisa A. Shay, Class of 1989

David B. DesRoches, Class of 1986

Timothy A. Knight, Class of 1986

Paul C. Marks, Class of 1986

Leslie A. Lewis, Class of 1985

Lawrence J. Kinde, Class of 1983

Mitchell Scholars receive full funding for one academic year of postgraduate study in any discipline offered by institutions of higher learning in Ireland.

Recent Winners

Megan McNulty, Class of 2016.* Megan McNulty is currently stationed at Fort Polk, Louisiana where she serves as the Brigade Current Operations Officer for Intelligence in the 3rd Brigade Combat Team 10th Mountain Division. Prior to that, she served in Iraq for six months as an army intelligence analyst. As a Mitchell Scholar, she obtained her MA in International Development. A resident of Queensbury, New York, Megan briefly resigned her West Point commission to work as the CFO for a school and mission in rural Liberia, where she managed the budget and, as assistant to the Mission Director, was responsible for the education and health of 100 orphans and disadvantaged youth.  Megan found that Liberia epitomized the problems with foreign aid money inadvertently spurring foreign dependence, political instability, and financial liability rather than reducing poverty, minimizing inequality, or encouraging infrastructural development.  After returning to West Point, Megan won the first place Diplomacy Award in the Model United Nations World Championship.  She was the only freshman on the Women’s Varsity Crew Team.  Megan obtained her undergraduate degree in Economics at the US Military Academy.

*This bio can be found here on the Mitchell Scholarship’s website.

Historical Results

Megan McNulty, Class of 2016

Erin A. Stevens, Class of 2007

Sean A. Healy, Class of 2005

Bre G. Millard , Class of 2003

Jeannie Huh, Class of 2002

Rhodes Scholars receive a full scholarship to pursue any one- or two-year graduate degree offered at Oxford.

Recent Winners

Hannah Blakey, Class of 2022. A native of Detroit, Michigan, Hannah Blakey is a Persian and French major with an interest in marginalized and at-risk communities. Dedicated to serving others, Hannah is one of three Cadets-in-Charge of the Elevation Initiative mentorship club and is a preschool and kindergarten Sunday School teacher. Hannah has conducted several formal interviews and conversations with Persian-speaking refugees to better understand the cultural and economic factors that impact forced migration and refugees in Persian-speaking regions. The catalyst for which was a three – week cultural immersion experience throughout Uzbekistan in the summer of 2019, during which she lived with an Uzbek host family and studied Persian at the Samarkand Institute of Foreign Languages. Hannah holds multiple records on West Point’s Division I track team, and she serves as the Brigade Executive Officer in the Corps of Cadets. At Oxford, Hannah plans to earn an M.Sc. in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies and an M.Sc. in Evidence-Based Social Intervention and Policy Evaluation. As an Aviation officer, she intends to these experiences to improve international partnerships and to inform policy changes among the United States Army and Persian-speaking nations. 

Krista Flinkstrom, Class of 2022. Born and raised in Stow, Massachusetts, Krista Flinkstrom is an Economics major with premedical concentration at the United States Military Academy at West Point.  Her academic interests lie in the nexus of global health, economics, and gender.  Krista has focused on challenging herself academically and developing military proficiency on West Point’s Sandhurst  Black and Gold team.  She has enjoyed the opportunity to attend Airborne school and be the Golf Company executive officer at Cadet Basic Training.  This past summer, she worked as an intern with the Development Finance Corporation in Washington D.C. where she helped design its forthcoming gender-based investment strategy.  This year, she is the Academics Officer for her cadet company of 115 cadets.  Krista will commission into the Engineering branch and to attend Sapper school.  At Oxford, Krista will earn an M.Sc. in Economics for Development and an M.Sc. in Global Health and Epidemiology. 

Veronica Lucian, Class of 2022. CDT Veronica Lucian was raised in New Jersey and Delaware as the oldest of five children. The daughter of a lawyer and homemaker, she quickly learned the importance of hard work and dedication, as well as the value of leadership and compassion. A Life Science major with a minor in Nuclear Science, Veronica has done extensive materials research during her undergraduate career. Her scientific work appears in Cell. Veronica is a soloist for the West Point Glee Club and has sung for distinguished guests and public officials, including the Vice President of the United States. Veronica is the founder of a Women’s Mentorship Group at West Point, which provides an informal avenue for women to collaborate with senior army leaders and to understand career opportunities in the U.S. Army.  In June 2019, Veronica earned her Airborne wings, and she will commission into the Army Medical Corps. As a Rhodes Scholar, Veronica will read for an MSc in Materials at Oxford. After Oxford, Veronica will serve in the United States Army as a joint researcher and trauma surgeon, bringing hope and healing to vulnerable populations throughout the world.

Holland Pratt, Class of 2022. Currently serves as the First Captain of the Corps of Cadets. From Spokane, Washington, Holland is a Military History major with a Middle Eastern Regional Studies Minor. Inspired by her family’s suffering in the Holocaust, Holland’s research focuses on the coordination between military, civilian, and international organizations to prevent and respond to mass atrocities. Recently, she developed a Myanmar Situation Assessment for the United States’ Indo-Pacific Command region. Holland has already begun to prepare for crisis prevention as a leader in West Point’s Mass Atrocity Prevention Practicum (MAPP), a simulation experience focused on humanitarian crises.  Holland intends to play a formative role in clarifying the military’s role in preventing and resolving mass atrocities by establishing a Standard Operating Procedure to clarify objectives and to identify ways and means among civilian agencies, the U.S. military, and allied forces in the international community. After West Point, she will commission as an officer in the Armor Branch. As a Rhodes Scholar, Holland will earn an M.Sc. in Global Governance and Diplomacy and an M.Sc. in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies from Oxford University.


Historical Results

Hannah Blakey, Class of 2022

Krista Flinkstrom, Class of 2022

Veronica Lucian, Class of 2022

Holland Pratt, Class of 2022

Tyrese Bender, Class of 2021

Evan Walker, Class of 2021

Daine Van de Wall, Class of 2020

Simone Askew, Class of 2018

Christian E. Nattiel, Class of 2017

Calla E. Glavin, Class of 2014

Erin W. Mauldin, Class of 2014

Kiley Hunkler, Class of 2013

Evan Szablowski, Class of 2013

Elizabeth A. Betterbed, Class of 2010

Alexandra P. Rosenberg, Class of 2010

Joshua A. Lospinoso, Class of 2009

Jason G. Crabtree, Class of 2008

Timothy J. Simmons, Class of 2007

Cheikh O. Mbengue, Class of 2006

Michael D. April, Class of 2005

Jin R. Wang, Class of 2005

Amber M. Raub, Class of 2004

Keith W. Benedict, Class of 2003

Daniel I. Helmer, Class of 2003

Zachariah R. Miller, Class of 2002

Robert J. Smith, Class of 2002

Erica J. Watson, Class of 2002

Seth A. Bodnar, Class of 2001

Melissa I. Sturm, Class of 2000

Elizabeth O. Young, Class of 2000

Chee L. Yew, Class of 2000

Craig M. Mullaney, Class of 2000

Nicholas O. Melin, Class of 2000

Walter R. Cooper III, Class of 1999

Adam K. Ake, Class of 1997

Jennifer D. Oliva, Class of 1996

Eric Oliver, Class of 1995

Carolyn A. Ford, Class of 1990

Jennie M. Koch, Class of 1990

John M. George, Class of 1989

Douglas E. Fraley, Class of 1988

John A. Nagl, Class of 1988

John K. Tien, Jr., Class of 1987

Mark S. Martins, Class of 1983

Ricky L. Waddell, Class of 1982

Andrea L. Hollen, Class of 1980

Lonnie D. Henley, Class of 1978

Danny M. Davis, Class of 1976

Justin S. Huscher, Class of 1976

Richard Morales, Jr., Class of 1976

Kerry K. Pierce, Class of 1974

Philip R. Lindner, Class of 1973

Timothy T. Lupfer, Class of 1972

Jack C. Zoeller, Class of 1970

Howard J. von Kaenel, Class of 1969

Wesley K. Clark, Class of 1966

John B. Ritch III, Class of 1965

John A. Hottell III, Class of 1964

Howard D. Graves, Class of 1961

Larry D. Budge, Class of 1961

Robert E. Montgomery, Jr., Class of 1960

Paul L. Miles, Jr., Class of 1960

James F. Ray, Class of 1959

Stanley M. Kanarowski, Jr., Class of  1959

C. Powell Hutton, Class of 1959

Peter M. Dawkins, Class of 1959

John S. Grinalds, Class of 1959

Michael J. Gillette, Class of 1959

John O. B. Sewall, Class of 1958

James R. Murphy, Class of 1957

B. Conn Anderson, Jr. , Class of 1956

Richard D. Sylvester., Class of 1956

Lee D. Olvey., Class of 1955

John T. Hamilton., Class of 1955

Martin C. McGuire., Class of 1955

Harvey A. Garn., Class of 1955

John C. Bard, Class of 1954

Ames S. Albro, Jr., Class of 1954

Dale A. Vesser., Class of 1954

Charles R. Wallis., Class of 1952

Andrew C. Remson, Jr., Class of 1951

James M. Thompson., Class of 1950

Richard T. Carvolth III., Class of 1949

Dan L. McGurk., Class of 1949

Roger R. Bate., Class of 1947

Wesley W. Posvar., Class of 1946

Milton A. Strain., Class of 1946

Amos A. Jordan, Jr., Class of 1946

George A. Rebh, Class of 1943

Bernard W. Rogers, Class of 1943

William M. Connor, Class of 1936

Alden K. Sibley, Class of 1933

James McCormack, Jr. , Class of 1932

Roger D. Black, Jr. , Class of 1932

Charles H. Bonesteel III, Class of 1931

Edward M. Parker, Class of 1931

Lawrence H. Rogers, Class of 1931

William Whipple, Class of 1930

Irvin R. Schimmelpfennig, Class of 1930

George A. Lincoln, Class of 1929

Standish Weston, Class of 1925

Charles E. Saltzman, Class of 1925

Francis R. Johnson, Class of 1923

Rotary Scholars receive full funding to support a one-year master’s degree at any approved university outside the applicant’s home country. The destination country must have a host Rotary club or district. The applicant’s plan of study must be related to one of Rotary’s six areas of focus: peace and conflict prevention/resolution, disease prevention and treatment, water and sanitation, maternal and child health, basic education and literacy, and economic and community development.

Recent Winners

Cheyenne Quilter, Class of 2021. Cheyenne Quilter is a psychology major with an environmental engineering track and a passion for gender equality. Cheyenne’s goal is to protect the rights of vulnerable populations by studying the psychological impacts of trauma. Cheyenne’s passion for advocacy led her to work with West Point academy leadership on a Return to Health Policy for cadets who have been sexually assaulted, ensuring survivors have access to both cognitive and physical resources needed for effective healing. Cheyenne led the Corps of Cadets as the Brigade Executive Officer for Trust (West Point’s peer led sexual assault and sexual harassment prevention program) where she works with the academy’s Superintendent, Commandant, and Dean to implement programs, campaigns, and response efforts for cadets within West Point. After graduating West Point, Cheyenne will attend King’s College in London as a Rotary Grant Global Scholar, pursuing a master’s degree in War and Psychiatry which she hopes to utilize in her Army career reforming Standard Operating Procedures for how our military responds to wartime and peacetime victims of trauma.

Historical Results

Anthony Giachin, Class of 2021

Maxwell Myers, Class of 2021

George Pavlakis, Class of 2021

Cheyenne Quilter, Class of 2021

Annette Bell, Class of 2020

Haley Watson, Class of 2020

Grant Hall, Class of 2019

Seamus Matlack, Class of 2018

David T. Farr, Class of 2017

Natalie A. Herbert, Class of 2017

Alexandra M. Bell, Class of 2017

Michael T. Westrom, Class of 2016

Micah M. Clark, Class of 2015

Robert A. Hume, Class of 2015

Jon K. Lindefjeld, Class of 2015

Nicholas A. Pappas, Class of 2015

Walter Woo, Class of 2015

Austin C. Welch, Class of 2015

Taylor S. Allen, Class of 2014

Michal J. Cantrell, Class of 2014

Katherine M. Fredieu, Class of 2014

Allyson I. Hauptman, Class of 2014

Connor D. Love, Class of 2014

Sarah K. Melville, Class of 2014

Luke J. Schumacher, Class of 2014

Alexandra Sutherland, Class of 2014

Louis S. Tobergte, Class of 2014

Robert G. Fetters, Class of 2014

Justin Adkins, Class of 2013

Nathan Combs , Class of 2013

Adam Leemans, Class of 2013

Sean Toal, Class of 2013

Catherine Ball, Class of 2012

Robert Baxter, Class of 2012

K. Merlin Boone, Class of 2012

Brooke Dearden, Class of 2012

Kyle Maggard, Class of 2012

Derek Marchant, Class of 2012

Nicholas Normandin, Class of 2012

Brian Tsien, Class of 2012

Clark J. Yuan, Class of 2012

Nathan Ramia, Class of 2011

Robert R. Burgin, Class of 2011

Benjamin C. Backsmeier, Class of 2010

Iain J. Cruickshank, Class of 2010

Margaret C. Fountain, Class of 2010

Anthony C. Lupo, Class of 2010

Tyler G. Matthews, Class of 2010

Jonathan D. McCann, Class of 2010

Stephanie A. McKiernan, Class of 2010

Brennan T. Roorda, Class of 2010

Orlando R. Zambrano, Class of 2010

Thomas Anderson, Class of 2009

Brent T. Bubany, Class of 2009

Brady K. Dearden, Class of 2009

Robert T. Hammond, Class of 2009

Andrew K. Hill, Class of 2009

Richard D. Houghton, Class of 2009

Bryan D. Lee, Class of 2009

Erik J. Tomsen, Class of 2009

Tyler C. Jost, Class of 2008

George B. Wilson, Class of 2008

Gregory J. Stevens, Class of 2007

Russell J. Isaacs, Class of 2005

Paul A. Lushenko, Class of 2005

Robert B. Padgett, Class of 2002

Riley J. Post, Class of 2001

Walter B. Andonov, Class of 1990

Douglas N. Campbell, Class of 1959

Schwarzman Scholars receive full funding to complete a one-year master’s degree in Global Affairs at Schwarzman College within Tsinghua University in Beijing. All classes are taught in English.

Recent Winners

Samuel Reichenthal, Class of 2020. Samuel “Sammy” Reichenthal, is a Mechanical Engineering major with a Eurasian Regional Studies minor at the United States Military Academy at West Point. After a two-year stint at the Georgia Institute of Technology in the ROTC program, Sammy transferred to West Point where he combined his passion for learning with a desire for rigorous leadership development. After first-hand exposure to both identity and security conflict in Israel and Kazakhstan, Sammy became inspired to work on the preeminent security and ethics issue of our future: the integration and regulation of artificial intelligence in both government and warfare. In preparation for being the “missing link” in the room in international settings through development of cross-cultural competence, Sammy has studied abroad in Latvia, Lithuania, and Kazakhstan as well as attended a NATO mountaineering school in Sachkhere, Georgia. Moreover, Sammy pursued technical and social science breadth in his academic research, diving into restrained cyber-warfare policy, writing pedagogy for new college students, and studying power regeneration for future warfare. Sammy hopes to become an infantry officer upon graduation and will work to determine the ethical guidelines of artificial intelligence in future war doctrine.

Historical Results

Samuel Reichenthal, Class of 2020

Eva Gould, Class of 2019

Kevin Colton, Class of 2019

Nette Monaus, Class of 2018

Duy Ngugen, Class of 2018

Bradley Torpey, Class of 2018

Don Stanley Dalisay, Class of 2017

Mark J. McGinnis, Class of 2017

Timothy B. McLaughlin, Class of 2017

Bethany G. Russell, Class of 2017

Collin Parker, Class of 2017

Alex Parra, Class of 2016

Joseph Broderick, Class of 2016

Regina Parker, Class of 2016

Soros Fellows receive $90,000 for up to three years of graduate study at any graduate program in the U.S.  To apply, cadets must be a U.S. citizen under 30 who is either an immigrant, the child of two immigrant parents, a naturalized citizen, a permanent resident, a DACA recipient, or adopted from outside the United States.

Recent Winners

Hamid Nasir, Class of 2018. The son of immigrants from Pakistan, Captain Hamid Nasir was raised in the great State of Alaska. When he was sixteen, Hamid was appointed as a Senate page by the late Senator Ted Stevens. The experience changed his life and propelled him to West Point. When he arrived at West Point, Hamid soon realized that he might be the only Muslim his classmates would meet before deploying overseas. Hamid recognized this situation as a unique opportunity to foster inter-cultural understanding by teaching his friends about Islam, Urdu and Arabic, and the cultural nuances of operating abroad. He was hopeful that one day this knowledge might save soldiers’ lives—and the lives of innocent civilians in the region. Soon after graduating from West Point as a Harry S. Truman Scholar, Hamid deployed to the Turkish-Syrian border in 2014,  at the height of the Syrian Civil War. As a platoon leader, he assumed responsibility for a Patriot missile site, which was charged with the protection of NATO’s southern flank and the city of Gaziantep and its 1.5 million citizens. He later commanded a Patriot missile battery in Tel Aviv, where his command designed and validated Israel’s ballistic missile defense plan. In law school, Hamid plans to study international economic law while continuing his ambassadorial mission to bridge divides both at home and abroad.

*This bio can be found here on the Soros Fellowship’s website.

Historical Results

Hamid Nasir, Class of 2018

Khalil Tawil, Class of 2014

The Southampton-West Point Scholarship provides funding for any one-year master’s degree at the University of Southampton.

Recent Winners

Mia Padon, Class of 2021. Raised in Spokane, Washington, Mia Padon is an Environmental Engineering major at the United States Military Academy at West Point. Her childhood and development were largely set to the backdrop of southwest Montana’s mountains, plains, and rivers. Mia’s understanding of the nexus between natural resources, industrial production, social justice, and human health spurred her desire to pursue environmental studies and policy. In her time at West Point, she has performed independent research on anaerobic biogas reactors as energy sources for developing countries in tropical regions, as well as on the ISS. Further, Mia founded the environmental action group at West Point and currently serves as the Brigade Environmental Officer where she has created a far-reaching recycling program, implemented sustainability policies, led awareness campaigns on food-waste, and organized Corps-wide nature appreciation and clean-up events. Mia is a two-year captain of the NCAA Division I Women’s Soccer team at West Point. Off the field, she has served as a delegate in the joint Yale-West Point Peace and Dialogue Leadership Initiative, and she has published prose essays inspired by her time in Alaska. In her Army career, Mia will serve as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal officer, further deepening her understanding of the military’s relationship with the natural environment. During her time at Southampton University, Mia will earn a master’s degree in Environmental Consultancy Policy. 

John Erskine, Class of 2020. Born and raised in Marietta, Georgia, John Erskine is a geospatial information science major with a research focus in remote sensing at the United States Military Academy at West Point. His primary research projects have been in conjunction with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and have included topics such as camouflage detection and agricultural output monitoring, both of which primarily utilized remotely sensed imagery. In addition to this work, John has also interned in NGA’s offices during separate summers, working on research related to remote sensing with unmanned aerial systems and the exploitation of satellite imagery. John will serve as an aviation officer after commissioning and hopes to eventually transfer into military intelligence. Beyond the military, he hopes to continue his career of public service by using his experience in the Army and in geospatial research in a career in intelligence, with a focus on deepening cooperation between the U.S. and international partners.

Historical Results

Mia Padon, Class of 2021

John Erskine, Class of 2020

*When a cadet wins more than one scholarship, the cadet appears in our historical results only under the scholarship that he or she accepted.

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