General Donald R. Keith Memorial Virtual Capstone Conference

United States Military Academy

West Point, NY

29 April 2021 

The General Donald R. Keith Memorial Capstone Conference is a forum for cadets to present their capstone work to fellow cadets, clients, and students from other universities. The inception of a conference was developed years ago as an opportunity for cadets to demonstrate the quality work they had completed throughout the academic year.  The conference invites and attracts undergraduate students from other universities to compete for conference presentation awards.  The Society for Industrial and Systems Engineering publishes a Proceedings for the Conference and top papers are published in the Society for Industrial and Systems Engineering journal.



2020 General Donald R. Keith Memorial Capstone Conference Track Winners



Winning Project

Track 1:  Systems Design

Chair:     Dr. Patrick Driscoll

Judges:  COL Rob Coker, USAR; Chick-fil-A

              COL Julia Coxen, PhD candidate,            University of Michigan

LTC Chris Green, PhD candidate,            Georgia Institute of Technology

“High Speed Transport in Vacuum Sealed Tubes”

Patrick Bubel, Jared Fuller, Kyle Olstein and Rebecca Schneider

SUNY Binghamton


Track 2:  Systems Design for Defense Applications


Chair:     COL Matt Dabkowski

Judges:  Dr. Steve Henderson, Merck

              Dr. John Farr, University of Central       Florida

 Dr. Dilip Patel, Loyola University


“Measuring the Return on Investment for AFRICOM’s African Enlisted Soldier Development Efforts”

Jacob Bochonok, Meaghan Carroll, Paul Manfredini, and Delilah Wood

Advisor: COL Matthew Dabkowski


Track 3:  Process Modeling and Analysis

Chair:     Dr. Greg Graves

Judges:  Dr. Sang Choi, University of                   Wisconsin Whitewater

              Mr. George Page, Page Engineering

Dr. Santiago Balestrini-Robinson,         Georgia Tech Research Institute

PDISE Process Improvement Program”

Lucas Konen, Sean O'Brien and Michael Wilson

Advisor: MAJ Christine Krueger

Track 4:  System Design 2


Chair:     LTC James Enos

Judges:  Mr. Oliver Manuss, Institute for              Production and Automation

              Dr. Nagen Nagarur, State University      of New York (Binghamton)

Dr. Jeffrey Fernandez, Industrial and      Systems Engineering Review

“Design of a Standardized Trial Process for the Evaluation of Medical Equipment”

Brianna Genova, Isabelle Poptean, Summer Purschke and Lucas Donnellan

SUNY Binghamton

Track 5:  Modeling and Simulation

Chair:     Dr. Jose Jimenez

Judges:  LTC Josh Eaton, USMA

              Mr. Jay Masuret, EMCOR Group

Mr. Mark Willer, Terumo BCT

“Reaching Meaningful Participation of Women in the Kenyan Defense Force:   A System Dynamics Approach”

Annette Bell, John Burke, David Donnan, Daine Van de Wall,  and Michael Hagelskamp

Advisor: MAJ Christine Krueger

Track 6:  Modeling and Simulation for Defense Applications

Chair:     Dr. Vikram Mittal

Judges:  Dr. Timothy Smith, University of           Miami Medical Center

               Dr. Simon Goerger, Engineering           Research and Development Center (ERDC)

LTC Brandon Thompson, USMA

“Hyper-Enabled Operator: Situational Awareness as Armor”

Melanie Rigoni, Ruben Arderi, Simon Kronschnabel, Aaron Chough

Advisor: Dr. Vikram Mittal


Track 7:  Problem Solving

Chair:     Dr. Tim Elkins

Judges:  Mr. William Coe, Betlem Services

              Ms. Adrienne Shakespeare, Terumo     BCT

               Dr. Tommer Ender, Georgia Tech                       Research Institute

“Requirements Analysis and Conceptual Design of a Fort Bragg Deployment Complex”

Sarah Henderson, Nerissa Siwietz, Allison Strong, Morgan Morris

Advisor: Dr. Gene Lesinski


Track 8:  Project and Engineering Management

Chair:    COL Paul Evangelista

Judges:  Ms. Catherine Norman, USMA

              Mr. James Borchardt, Construction        Ergonomics

               Dr. Anand Subramanian, Industrial        and Systems Engineering Review

“Applying Lean Six Sigma to Reduce Repair Cycle Time (RCT)”

Justin Thomas, Edward Li, Charels Worshim, and Brendan Soucie

MAJ Dan Newell

Track 9:  Decision Analysis


Chair:     LTC Dave Hughes

Judges:  Mr. Matthew Pierce, EMCOR Group

              Dr. Daryl Santos, State University of      New York (Binghamton)

              Dr. Greg Parnell, University of                Arkansas

“Decision Support Tool for CBRN Capabilities”

Benjamin Vollbach, Darryl Vincent, Christian DePinto, Christopher Landin and Eurica Diego

Dr. Jose Jimenez

Track 10:  Department of Systems Engineering Honors Projects

Chair:     Dr. Kenny McDonald

Judges:  Mr. Neal Schmeidler, Grant Thorp          LLP

               COL Hise Gibson, USMA

               Dr. Niki Goerger, Engineering                  Research and Development                Center (ERDC)

“Creating Effective Leadership and Development System for FINCA Costa Rica”

Meaghan Carroll

Advisor: Dr. Jose Jimenez

Track 11:  Hollis Award for Operations Research/Systems Analysis at USMA

Chair:     LTC Lee Evans

Judges:  Ms. Pamela Blechinger, The Research and Analysis Center (TRAC)

              Dr. Garry Lambert, The Research and Analysis Center (TRAC)

              Mr. Brad Pippin, The Research and Analysis Center (TRAC)

“Rebound Side Tendencies: A Study on Rebound Location in Relation to Shot Location”

David Pinter

Advisor: LTC David Hughes


SISE Best Paper Awards


Multi-Year Inland Waterway Investment Model and the Value/Consequence Ratio
- Matthew Robinson, Francisco Lefors, Justin Capp, Grover Laporte, and James Schreiner


The Influence of Gangs in Central America with Respect to Woman’s Wellbeing
- Caneel Dixon and Christine Krueger


Causal Threat Modeling Applied to the Horn of Africa
- Steven Cromer, Connor McDonald, Thomas Monahan, Seth Shields, and Patrick Dubois




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Author Information

Abstract/Paper Submission: 6 Mar 20

Review back to authors: 23 Mar 20

Final paper submission: 6 Apr 20

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