Jean Bartik Computing Symposium Overview

Jean Bartik Computing Symposium Overview

Connecting to our Past to Lead in the Future

Hosted by the Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science at the United States Military Academy, the Jean Bartik Computing Symposium (JBCS) brings women and underrepresented minorities from computing disciplines at the service academies together with their counterparts in the military and government who are computing professionals. This 2 day event seeks to promote fellowship among women and minorities in computing majors at the service academies and provide technical training through interactive workshops that will make them competitive for their future careers in service to the Nation.

The symposium is named after Jean Bartik, a pioneer of early computing. Due to her status as a woman, she did not receive recognition for her important contributions until near the end of her life. This symposium seeks to highlight the contributions of those in government and military computing that are not usually recognized, and help us celebrate our rich history.

The principle objectives of JBCS include to: a.) promote fellowship amongst the women and minorities in computing at the different service academies; b.) offer meaningful workshops and sessions that will promote their advancement into military and government professions of their choice; and c.) make it easier for the military and government to identify promising young candidates for computing opportunities at their organizations.


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