Prospective Students

Your Success in the Core Mathematics Curriculum Begins Here


What is the Fundamental Concepts Exam (FCE)?

Cadets enter the US Military Academy with different math backgrounds. To successfully begin work in their science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) courses at USMA, incoming cadets must arrive with the knowledge of certain mathematical skills and concepts. The FCE is designed to test those skills. All cadets are required to pass the test and demonstrate mastery of its topics before moving on to higher math courses.

Review Sheets

Web Resources

  • Critical Math Skills : Document listing eight critical skills with a description and links to several corresponding videos for each skill.
  • Khan Academy : This is a great site with many "how-to" videos. Search for topics in Algebra, Trigonometry, and Pre-Calculus.
  • Purplemath : This is an excellent site. See the links for Algebra topics.
  • Hyper-Ad Technical Tutoring : This site has links for help with trigonometry, but you can also find links for help with algebra and chemistry.

Have You Already Taken Calculus?

If you have already taken Calculus then you may be able to qualify for placement in the Advanced Core Mathematics Program at West Point. For more information on this opportunity, visit advanced core mathematics program .