Cadet Housing

Cadet residence halls at West Point are referred to as “barracks”. Cadets live all four years in the barracks, free of charge.

Cadet Housing

Cadet residence halls at West Point are referred to as “barracks”. Cadets live all four years in the barracks, free of charge.

Rooms house 2-4 cadets and come furnished with a twin-size bunk bed, wall locker, and desk. They are standardized and inspected throughout the year to instill a sense of discipline and teamwork as roommates work together to prepare their rooms.

While steeped in tradition, West Point’s barracks have been upgraded in recent years to feature top tier wi-fi, upgraded HVAC systems, and other modern amenities such as study rooms with printers, group gathering spaces with TVs, laundry rooms, and storage space for personal belongings that don’t fit in cadets’ rooms – like dorms at other colleges and universities. 

West Point Barracks

There are separate barracks at the Academy, with each being named after a notable West Point graduate.  Cadets are assigned to a specific barracks based on the cadet-company they are assigned to.

Named after General Winfield Scott and built in 1938, it is home to cadets of Companies E and F and the entire Third Battalion of the Fourth Regiment. Scott Barracks was renovated in 2013.

Formerly called “Lee Barracks” and now named after General Matthew Ridgway, Ridgway Barracks was built in 1962.  These barracks are currently under renovation and will be re-opened in 2025.

Formerly called "Old South Barracks," this building is named after General Ulysses S. Grant. The east side of these barracks is connected to Grant Hall, the former Cadet Mess Hall built in 1852, which now serves as a student union-type café. The barracks portion of the building was built in 1931 and renovated in 2023.

Built in 1968, Bradley barracks is split into two sections due to its "L" shape, appropriately nicknamed "Brad Long" and "Brad Short." The barracks was renovated and reopened in 2023. It is named after General of the Army Omar Bradley.

Built in 1968, the barracks is named after General of the Army and former President Dwight D. Eisenhower. The barracks were renovated and reopened in 2020.

Formerly the West Academic Building built in 1895, it was renovated in 1959 and renamed Pershing Barracks. The building is named after General of the Armies John J. Pershing. Pershing Barracks was modernized and renovated in 2020.

Built in 1972, MacArthur Barracks is split into two sections nicknamed "Mac Long" and "Mac Short." It is named after General of the Army Douglas MacArthur.

Opened in 2017, Davis Barracks is named in honor of General Benjamin O. Davis, Jr. Take a video tour of the Academy's newest barracks on YouTube.

Sherman Barracks was built in 1962 and named after General William Tecumseh Sherman. It is under renovation and will re-open in 2025.

The Cadet Barracks Upgrade Program (CBUP) is a 10-year effort to completely renovate and modernize all eight existing cadet barracks.