PL360 - Psychology of Elite Performance 

This course focuses on those psychological concepts and principles that enhance human performance. 



PL360 Course Detail

PL360 Course Focus

  • Critical self-evaluation in order to discover the psychological obstacles to your success at USMA and beyond
  • Thinking habits and problem-solving skills necessary for excellence in high-stress environments
  • Personalized training methods to enhance the motivation, persistence, and focus necessary to achieve goals in each of the three pillars of academy life
  • Cultivation of a desire to implement these psychological skills not only at USMA but throughout your life

PL360 Course Objectives

  1. The nature of elite performance
  2. Developing confidence
  3. Goal setting
  4. Attention control
  5. Energy management
  6. Visualization
  7. Overcoming performance challenges

Cadet Comments 

"Self talk, confidence, goal setting – these are all parts of elite performance that I will be trying to foster to complete the mission and bring my boys home.”

"The theories discussed in PL360 combine well with those of 488B (Psychology Colloquium)."

"The imagery project really helped me to focus on the small details of the senses – something I had never really paid attention to." ​