Academic Support

USMA provides an array of academic support services to help cadets realize their potential.

Academic Support

USMA provides an array of academic support services to help cadets realize their potential.

Accessible Faculty

The emphasis on cadet mentorship is one of the defining characteristics of the USMA faculty. Our professors are ranked among the nation's most accessible, and the faculty is focused on teaching and supporting cadets. 

Small classes facilitate an engaging formal learning environment filled with dynamic discussions, small group work, and in-person visits to meet with and observe key leaders in a given field. 

The low student-to-instructor ratio also provides faculty members the bandwidth to forge meaningful relationships with cadets in their classes and to meet with cadets for additional help as needed. 

Center for Enhanced Performance (CEP)

The Center for Enhanced Performance (CEP) is West Point’s comprehensive student assistance center, providing all cadets with a variety of individual and group programs and services focused on helping cadets further develop as self-regulated learners and leaders of character. The CEP helps cadets achieve excellence in West Point’s four developmental pillars – academic, physical, military, and character – through targeted education and training on specific strategies and intangible mental skills that underlie elite human performance across all domains.​ The CEP is open to ANY cadet at any point in their 47-month experience!

Mounger Writing Center (MWC) 

The MWC, a subcomponent of the West Point Writing Program, sponsors one-on-one consultations, group workshops, and special events for all cadets and faculty working on writing and communications projects for any academic course, personal interest, or professional opportunity. The developmental conversations that occur in the MWC are designed to help writers express themselves clearly, forcefully, and effectively.  

Academic Counselors

All cadets are assigned to a Departmental Academic Advisor (DAC) once they declare a major.  Prior to that point, academic advising is provided by the Company Academic Advisor (CAC) and by the Academic Advisors in the Registrar's office.  Additional information may be found under "Counseling Corner" in CIS.

Cadet Wellness

 The Academy provides several services to ensure cadets maintain their health and wellness – and develop the grit and resilience needed upon commissioning.

Additional Resources

Learn more about resources available to current West Point cadets, including general, academic, military, and athletics resources.