RS100 - Student Success Course for Prepsters 

RS 100 will help you actively pursue your full academic, physical and leadership potential at USMA. This is accomplished by teaching and coaching in a combination of academic and performance enhancement strategies. 


RS100 Course Objective

  1. Complete Calendar
  2. Weekly / Daily Plan
  3. To Do List
  4. Graphic Organizer
  5. Additional Instruction (AI) Report X2
  6. Library ESP Report

Cadet Comments

"RS100 helped me realize West Point isn’t impossible… Each session presented a new tool or proposal to improve my cadet life. From the AY calendar to the egg chair, I feel that everything presented to me boosted my confidence and ability to succeed in the classroom and life at West Point”

"The sessions both gave me confidence and improved my performance… I feel that I have learned how to study more effectively and how to balance my time so that I can get done what needs to be.”​