RS101 in MA100 - Student Success Course for MA100 Students 

This course is taught in conjunction with MA100. If you are enrolled in MA100, you are automatically enrolled in an RS101 section embedded in MA100. This course will last the entire semester and is designed to help you become a self-regulated learner and leader of character.​ 



RS101 in MA100 Course Objectives 

  1. Complete AY Calendar
  2. Weekly / Daily Plan
  3. To Do List
  4. Note Taking
  5. Graphic organizer
  6. Additional Instruction (AI) Report
  7. Individual Goal Plan
  8. TEE Prep Plan

Cadet Comments 

"This course helped me keep on track with everything because if I had allowed myself to fall behind, even one lesson, I would’ve had a difficult time catching up to the rest of the class.”

"RS101 has taught me different methods of studying and coping strategies that will help me as a future leader, not only to keep myself squared away, but to also help with my soldiers.”

"In studying for HI107, RS101 taught me how to make and use a graphic organizer. Making these for important events in HI107 really helped me understand the information better and to see the trends within them."​