RS102 - Reading Efficiency Course 

RS102 is a tightly-integrated course consisting of only ten lessons resulting in a measurable improvement in reading efficiency; specifically, students increase their reading speed without a significant loss of comprehension. 


RS102 Course Detail

RS102 Course Requirements

  • This is a 10-lesson course
  • You are expected to attend all the lessons to receive a certificate of completion. Make-up lessons count the same as having attended the class.
  • PLEASE NOTE:  Our course schedule follows the cadet schedule. Read the syllabus carefully and write the DATES of your class section in your planner

Additional Course Information

  • Classes include group instruction, drills, individual computer-assisted reading exercises, article readings, and assessments of improvement.
  • All classes meet in the Reading Lab, JH002, Jefferson Hall basement (new library):
  • Walk in front entrance and face Jefferson’s statue. Enter the first door to the LEFT of the statue. (Stair #3) The Lab is immediately at the bottom of the stairs; look for the sign on the lab window. The Reading Lab is the only classroom in the basement of Jefferson Hall.

Cadet Comments

"I would definitely recommend this class to my plebe next year; classmates and everyone in general.”

"Relaxed, very informative and has great results. Best 10 lessons I’ve ever attended.Increase reading efficiency! Reading is something I no longer avoid!”

"It has helped my daily performance immeasurably by significantly shortening the time spent on homework per class, allowing me to accomplish far more and get ahead in most classes."​