RS103 - Information Literacy and Critical Thinking 

This course is designed to improve cadet information literacy and critical thinking performance at USMA.


    RS103 Course Detail

    RS103 Course Requirements

    1. Cadets develop a set of learning strategies & critical thinking skills applicable in a variety of different situations.
    2. Cadets understand how mastering and applying critical thinking and information literacy skills are crucial to their success at USMA.
    3. Cadets develop a personalized plan for reasoning and researching critically that consists of a systematic and comprehensive process of steps and strategies.
    4. Cadets become adept library researchers.


    Cadet Comments

    "I felt the lessons in RS 103 on logic and critical thinking and the presentation on the “Morality of Killing in War” were excellent. Additionally, the extensive explanation of the opportunities here at West Point from the upper-class cadet panels were extremely useful.”

    "Not only did RS 103 help me to learn study methods to improve my academic performance, it taught me a great deal about the other aspects of West Point that no one else really explains. I learned how important it is to approach instructors and that you pursue things that you are interested rather than just sit back and wait."

    "RS 103 was an amazing class. All of the unique and mentally stimulating articles and lectures definitely improved my cognitive ability to interpret information and make decisions."