Cyber Research Center



The CRC Library contains a variety of texts and Materials available to cadets, faculty, and staff. The library contains information about subjects such as electrical engineering, programming, computer science concepts, computer security, network security, and other Information Assurance principles. For more information and a collection of available books, please visit the CRC in Room 113.

The Multipurpose Computing Lab is a free use computer lab with a range of equipment in an attempt to provide cadets and faculty with hands on experience in a learning environment. Additionally, the lab is a home to many different cadet capstone projects. The computing lab also provides space for the CRC's environmentally controlled server enclosures which house servers and networking gear supporting the Information Warfare and Analysis Lab, IPv6 security and migration project, and a Voice over IP security testing environment.

To support our various missions the center has fully developed a research laboratory with an isolated computer network. The Information Warfare and Analysis Lab provides us with an excellent vehicle for both our instruction and our research in Information Assurance. Our lab design and implementation has seen significant interest in its eight years and has been used as the model by many organizations. It is a completely isolated computer network containing over five different DNS domains ranging from completely open source operating system run domains to Microsoft Windows 2000/2003/2008. Active Directory domains including such services as email, web, and VoiP/Instant Messaging. This environment allows cadets to test their IA skills both defending their hosts (using VMWare Workstation) against open source and commercial penetration testing tools and learning how these tools operate. This environment also allows cadets and faculty to experiment with exploits currently active in the wild and provides a scalable and affordable isolated educational network environment on one PC. This solution has been prototyped and used at USMA and is currently being fielded to test programs. Finally, it also allows faculty and staff to experiment with upcoming technologies for managing massive machine deployments without affecting production networks.

The CRC Resources

In an effort to best support cadets, faculty, and staff both in the CRC and at USMA as a whole, the CRC offers a range of resources from a well-stocked library of materials ranging from IA guides to books on programming Python. Additionally, the CRC supports the  multipurpose computing lab used for cadet and faculty research projects.