Employment Opportunities at the United States Military Academy

Interested in working at the United States Military Academy? Visit the links below to see what opportunities are currently available:

Assignment Opportunities

The United States Military Academy offers assignment opportunities for Officer and Enlisted personnel that are unequaled anywhere in the Army. Some officer assignments require an advanced schooling degree which is normally attained by attendance at an approved Advanced Civilian School. Other Officer assignments are direct assignments where such a degree may or may not be required.

Officer Strength Manager: Ms. Sharlene Gilmore (845) 938-3877  DSN 688-3877 Sharlene.gilmore@westpoint.edu    

Enlisted Strength Manager: SFC Gary Gound (845) 938-8450 DSN 688-8450 Gary.Gound@westpoint.edu

West Point Civilian Personnel Advisory Center

West Point Civilian Personnel Advisory Center

CPAC's missions is to serve as the closest advisors and assistants to management and commanders regarding civilian human resources. To provide the full range of life cycle human resources management functions, to include administering segments of recruitment, placement, benefits and provision of technical aspects of classification, position management, labor relations and management-employee relations.

Contact CPAC at: 845-938-3943 cpac.staffing@westpoint.edu