Department of Military Instruction Job Opportunities

What It Means to Work in DMI:

DMI Mission: The Department of Military Instruction trains, educates, and inspires the Corps of Cadets in the foundational military competencies necessary to win in a complex world by providing sequential and progressive military training and leadership development experiences to develop cadets into commissioned leaders of character who embrace their roles as United States Army officers and for a career of professional excellence and service to the Nation as an officer in the United States Army.

DMI focuses its efforts primarily in two places:

  1. In the Academic Year DMI emphasizes its efforts on:
    • Instruction of Military Science (MS) courses
    • Instruction of Defense and Strategic Studies (DSS) Courses
    • Forward thinking thought and Leader Development through the Modern War Institute (MWI)
    • Branch Education and Mentorship as Branch Representatives in Accessions [ACC]
  1. Field training for cadets during the summer, Cadet Summer Training [CST]
    • Cadet Basic Training [Training Audience’s 1st Summer]
    • Cadet Field Training [Training Audience’s 2nd Summer]
    • Cadet Leader Development Training [Training Audience’s 3rd or 4th Summer]

Contact for more information.

We encourage interested candidates to explore the DMI page and Social media sites to learn more about the organization and potential opportunities.

Who DMI Hires:

DMI hires personnel for all positions through an internal Hiring Board. Personnel must be post-KD, or in their current broadening period, and of high caliber, and prepared to dedicate themselves to the development of cadets as future leaders of character.

  • Post-KD Captains – Primarily through the Army Advanced Civil Schooling program and partner Graduate Institutions. Direct Hire Positions (no ACS) can also available as personnel movements take place. ACS for MS is 1 year, ACS for DSS is 2 years.
  • Post- KD Field Grade Officers - Direct Hire Positions (no ACS) are available annually.
  • Senior NCOs – These positions are direct filled by HRC. Interested NCOs should contact their branch to express interest and find opportunity.

DMI values diversity in Knowledge, Skills, and Ability, as well as ethnic and Gender Background. We look to hire from all Commissioning Sources and branches as most positions are Branch Immaterial (01A) and Combat Arms Immaterial (02A).

Assignment length: Personnel typically serve in the depart for 24mo to 36mo depending on Utilization and timeline considerations.

To Apply for ACS and Direct Hire positions [MS/MWI/ACC]: Through TEACH

Minimum Documents Required to Apply:

  • Availability Date (Month & Year)
  • AIM2 Resume
  • Last five OERs to include all your most recent Key Development OERs (KD positions IAW DA PAM 600-3) (if KD OER is not available candidates are highly encouraged to obtain an endorsement letter from their senior rater)
  • Current APFT/ACFT scorecard (within the last 12 months)
  • Undergraduate and/or Graduate Transcripts (if applicable)
  • GRE Scores or GMAT Scores (no older than 5 years) (if applicable)
  • Letter of Intent in "Memorandum For" Format IAW AR25-50 addressed to COL Alan J. Boyer, Director, Department of Military Instruction and answer "Why you think you are a good fit for DMI and how you will use this opportunity to enable DMI's success?"
  • Three Letters of Recommendation from current and/or past leadership in "Memorandum For" Format IAW AR25-50 addressed to COL Al Boyer from the recommender's office letterhead.

Please direct all DMI job opportunity or application questions to and we will get back to you at earliest opportunity.

To apply for Defense & Strategic Studies (DSS) Hiring

The Defense & Strategic Studies (DSS) program under DMI also has opportunities annually in a variety of disciplines that support their mission to teach cadets the following courses:

  • DS320 – Landpower
  • DS350 – Military Communication
  • DS470 – Military Strategy
  • DS360 – Special Ops/Low Intensity Conflict
  • DS345 – Military Innovation
  • DS385 – Sustaining the Force
  • DS460 – Counterinsurgency
  • DS455 – Comparative Military Systems
  • DS497 - Defense and Strategic Studies Capstone

Those interested in DSS can find  more information here. 

DSS Application Process:

DSS Officer Candidates 

For officers interested in DSS ACS opportunities (start grad school in the fall of 2021, report to USMA summer of 2023), applications must be complete by 01DEC20.

Minimum documents required:

  • A copy of last five OERs to include company command; if a command OER is not available, the officer is highly encouraged to get an memorandum of endorsement memorandum from their senior rater.
  • Current APFT scorecard
  • Undergraduate transcripts; graduate transcripts if applicable
  • GRE scores (no older than 5 years)
  • Current DA photo
  • Informal photo
  • 2-3 Letters of Recommendation (comments focused on potential to do outstanding work at a top American university and be an effective college-level instructor)
  • Letter of Intent (why you want to join DMI/DSS) addressed to:

Director, Defense and Strategic Studies Program

The hiring board for ACS candidates takes place throughout the month of December with notifications to the officer NLT early February.

Final Note and additional resources

Note 1: Resident ILE is a critical planning factor for those interested in pursuing ACS and teaching at USMA. In most cases, ILE deferments have been approved to ensure officers complete at least a two-year utilization at USMA, however this is not guaranteed.

Note 2: If not chosen for ACS, candidates are still encouraged to compete for a Direct Fill position.

Officers are recommended to discuss interest in teaching at West Point with their Branch.