Dr. Jesse Germain: PhD in Health and Human Performance

COL Nicholas Gist: PhD in Exercise Physiology

LTC Matthew Magennis: PhD in Health and Human Performance

Dr. Daniel Jaffe: PhD in Human Exercise Physiology 

Dr. Jenna Morogiello: DAT in Athletic Training                   



Cutting Edge, Scientifically Based & Relevant for the Army

Why study Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a broad, interdisciplinary field of study that includes specialties such as exercise physiology, biomechanics, sports medicine, sports nutrition, exercise psychology, and anatomy. Areas of inquiry range in scope from the study of molecular response of cells to the response and adaptation of the whole body. The major encompasses a wide spectrum of performance issues involving muscular and cardiovascular physiology, energy balance, exercise adherence, and skill acquisition. The Kinesiology major is applicable to myriad Army Missions.

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Cutting Edge...

The disciplinary focus of the kinesiology major is on physiological, psychological, and mechanical aspects of human movement that are aligned with the Army's training and combat needs.

Dr. Germain speaks to Cadets in the Kinesiology Lab in Arvin Gym.
Group photo of the graduating Kinesiology Majors in May 2022.

Scientifically Based...

The science of human movement has grown exponentially over the last decade. The doctoral training of our faculty and the resources in the Kinesiology lab provide the necessary scientific basis for the advanced study of physical activity and performance. 

Relevant for the Army...

The Department of Physical Education and the Kinesiology program work closely with other Army agencies and civilian universities to develop relevant training protocols for the Army.

Cadet rappelling down a cliff.

Honors Program

Cadets who meet the academic requirements and wish to enroll in the optional honors program must complete individual research and take the following two courses: (each cadet will work one-on-one with a thesis advisor conducting applicable research in human performance)




Individual Advanced Development (IAD)

The Department of Physical Education works with Army agencies and civilian institutions to develop summer IADs for Kinesiology majors.

Please contact  Dr. Jesse Germain for further details about the Kinesiology program and IAD experiences.