William E. Simon Center for the Professional Military Ethic

Our vision is to serve as West Point’s connective tissue for:

  • Stewardship of the Cadet Honor System
  • The study of Officership
  • Character education / rehabilitation

Enduring Priorities:

  1. Exercise stewardship of the Cadet Honor System
  2. MX400 Officership
  3. Cadet Character Education Program
  4. Coach (and sometimes mentor) the Honor, Respect, and Trust Committees
  5. Character development conferences and activities
    • National Conference on Ethics in America (NCEA) (07-08 October 2019) www.nceawestpoint.com
    • Mission Command Conference (MCC) (8-9 April 2020)
    • "Inspiration to Serve” cemetery tour (30 April 2020)