Character Program (Gold Book)

West Point’s Character Program helps Cadets understand and embrace what it means to live honorably and lead honorably by educating them on the professional standards, organizational values, and personal virtues that comprise “honor” in the Army Profession.

The Character Program is one of four individual-leader-development programs in the West Point Leader Development System (WPLDS) that develops Cadets into commissioned leaders of character. The Military, Physical, and Academic programs contribute to Cadets’ character development as described in their respective program books. More broadly, all four developmental programs are immersed in West Point’s culture of character growth that influences Cadets’ character development. However, the Character Program is the only WPLDS program devoted directly and primarily to fostering Cadets’ character development.

The Simon Center for the Professional Military Ethic serves as the proponent for the Character Program, which is described in the Goldbook (see attached).

    Goldbook (2019).pdf