MWI hosted CSMs panel on building cohesive teams through trust

By Delancey Pryor III Pointer View Assistant Editor - October 28, 2021
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As part of the Commandant’s Speaker Series, the Modern War Institute hosted a panel discussion on “Building Cohesive Teams through Mutual Trust” on Oct. 21 at Washington Hall Room 5300.

(Above) The panel was moderated by U.S. Corps of Cadets Command Sgt. Maj. Kenneth Killingsworth and the panel members included Command Sgts. Maj. Mario Terenas, Jake Love, Quentin Fenderson and Jill Crosby.

(Right) Terenas answered questions on how he implements and upholds standards that help build and sustain any unit.

(Far right) An audience comprised of NCOs, civilian staff and officers listened as the panel discussed the importance of extending influence amongst a team.   

Photo by Delancey Pryor III/PV