West Point Dean and retired Gen. Brooks discuss crisis leadership and information warfare in latest podcast episode

By Inside West Point: Ideas That Impact Podcast Production Team Date: Wednesday, Jun 05, 2024 Time: 16:10 EST
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WEST POINT -- “Narrative power comes from what you choose to communicate,” Retired Gen. Vincent “Vince” Brooks explained. “If you choose to highlight your goals and define what success looks like, it’s your adversary who will be in a reactive mode.”

Tune in to the newest episode of the "Inside West Point: Ideas That Impact" podcast titled “Crisis Leadership and Information Warfare with General (Ret.) Vince Brooks.”

In this episode, Brooks, currently serving as the Department of Behavioral Science and Leadership's Class of 51 Chair for the Study of Leadership at West Point, shares his extensive experiences and thoughts on leadership, innovation and solving complex problems.

The discussion covers highlights of Brooks' distinguished military career, which spanned over 38 years, including his command roles in the U.S. Army and his involvement in key historical events such as the reduction of forces in Iraq, the increase of troops in Afghanistan, and addressing the Arab Spring.

In this episode, you will learn about:

· The importance of the information domain in modern warfare

· The value of empathy and understanding different cultural perspectives in building international relationships

· Strategies for fostering innovation within large organizations like the U.S. Army.

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