Flood response, community support, superintendent’s message during aftermath of recent storm

By West Point Command Information Date: Tuesday, Jul 11, 2023 Time: 1:13 EST
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As the U.S. Military Academy at West Point returned to normal operations and the clean-up of the storm from July 9 continues, we remain a strong community working together to ensure that all staff, faculty, cadets and family members within the West Point community are safe.

West Point Fire Department and Emergency Services Division have been instrumental with their support.

Residents affected by flood damage are receiving relocation assistance. Cadet Basic Training for new cadets continues. An assessment of the storm’s damage is underway. Local and statewide emergency response teams have been amazing in their assistance.

The academy is thankful for all the support. If you do not need to travel to West Point, please avoid it for safety reasons. Thank you for your continued support and be safe!

A message from July 10 from Lt. Gen Steven W. Gilland, U.S. Military Academy Superintendent:

“To all of our U.S. Military Academy and local Hudson Valley teammates: As we wake up and assess the impacts of the devastating rainfall over the past 24 hours, please be patient as emergency workers both on and off West Point clear roadways and assess infrastructure, this will take time. Our teams are working together to ensure everyone’s safety. We absolutely appreciate the support as neighbors, friends and strangers pitch in to help others in this time of need. 

“Our U.S. Army Garrison West Point team is working around the clock to restore capabilities that have been lost or reduced. They will be determining the scope of damage over the next few days. Our Army senior leaders are fully aware of our situation, as are the leaders of U.S. Army Installation Management Command and the Corps of Engineers. Balfour Beatty is steadfastly supporting as they respond to numerous requests for assistance and prioritize their efforts. 

“Leaders from USAA insurance have reached out to understand the scope of damage and are standing by to assist those covered by USAA. They are tracking the flooding of vehicles and personal effects in basements. 

“Our new cadets, cadets, cadre and Task Force Fury from the 82nd Airborne Division are safe. We will adjust training accordingly throughout the next few days as we continue to determine impacts. We are fully aware of the difficulties cadets are having as they travel back to West Point. Everyone will remain flexible. 

“Reporting for the Cadet Candidate Basic Training at the U.S. Military Academy Preparatory School started at noon today (July 10). There are a number of cadet candidates on the ground with their families who are prepared to arrive and begin Reception Day. For those cadet candidates and families who are experiencing travel challenges, please contact the USMAPS team. We fully anticipate receiving cadet candidates over multiple days and will remain flexible with them and their families. 

“Thank you to all of our teammates who have lent a helping hand, worked through the night, and sacrificed being with their families during the past 24 hours. We have a great community that supports one another, and this is one of those events that will bring us together and make us stronger. Stay Safe!”