USMA Library exhibit features cadet original artwork

By Eliabeth Woodruff/USMA PAO and Jen Chess/USMA Library Date: Wednesday, Nov 09, 2022 Time: 20:45 EST
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The U.S. Military Academy Library unveiled the tiny art exhibit — Magnificent Miniatures — of 95 pieces of original artwork on Oct. 23 and is now open to view.

The idea to host a Tiny Art Show, featuring miniature canvases painted by USMA cadets, came from Programming and Event Librarian Lori Mulloolyʼs (bottom left photo to the right) vision.

Miniature art is a genre of small-scale art that includes paintings, prints, sculptures and more and has a long history of its own.

This program and exhibit demonstrate the passion for creating programming and producing exhibits for the USMA community that enhance cadetsʼ critical-thinking skills.

Lisa Gomez, West Point’s exhibition librarian (bottom left photo to the left), explains that exhibitions are significant to academia and serve as an alternative form of scholarly output, allowing viewers to engage with the art, materials or historical documents in a thought-provoking and visually-stimulating manner.

There will be one winner for each category. There are QR codes for voting that are at the two end panels of the exhibit. Voting will run through Dec. 9, and the exhibit will stay up until the end of the semester.    

Photos by Eliabeth Woodruff/USMA PAO and Jen Chess/USMA Library