By West Point Public Affairs - November 12, 2023


Rhodes Scholarship Recipients Fahad Abdulrazzaq and Isabella Sullivan

WEST POINT, N.Y. – Two U.S. Military Academy cadets were among the 32 U.S. Rhodes Scholarship awardees named Sunday, Nov. 12. Class of 2024 Cadets Fahad Abdulrazzaq and Isabella Sullivan will study at the University of Oxford in the fall of 2024.

“Congratulations to Fahad and Isabella on becoming Rhodes Scholars. I am inspired by their success at the academy, supported by a strong team of mentors,” said Dean of the Academic Board, Brig. Gen. Shane Reeves. “I look forward to seeing the impact studying as a Rhodes Scholar will have on realizing their vision for the future in the Army and beyond.”

This is the fourth consecutive year that West Point cadets have earned multiple Rhodes Scholarships. Since 1923, West Point has had 107 Rhodes Scholars, ranking it fourth amongst the top recipients in the country.

About the Recipients: 

Cadet Fahad Abdulrazzaq is an American immigrant from Woodbridge, Virginia, who was born and raised during the war in Baghdad, Iraq in the early 2000’s. Inspired by his childhood experiences, Abdulrazzaq is an International Affairs major with a focus in Middle Eastern conflicts. He is a Stamps scholar, Yale/USMA Peace and Dialogue Leadership Initiative Fellow, and has served as a Pentagon intern in the Joint Chiefs of Staff office. Over the summer, Abdulrazzaq commanded the Summer Garrison Regiment, overseeing the accountability and safety of all USMA cadets. He currently serves as a Regimental Commander, directing a 30-person staff and overseeing 1,100 other cadets. His goal is to foster a leadership development environment through teamwork initiatives. As an athlete, Abdulrazzaq is a squad leader and an accomplished boxer for West Point’s national championship boxing team. As a Rhodes Scholar, Abdulrazzaq will use his intellectual curiosity, leadership abilities, and fighting attitude to pursue higher education in International Policy. He wishes to become a Military Intelligence officer and pursue work in special operations throughout his time in service.

"As I’m surrounded by a tremendous amount of love from my community of family, friends, and mentors, I’m reminded of my purpose - to fight. The Rhodes Scholarship is a community of global leaders and I hope to grow with them in order to become a stronger fighter for my communities and my teammates. This honor has proven to me that no journey is ever alone. The impact we can make is reliant on teams being ready for the next challenge. At Oxford, I hope to study International Policy and impacts on refugees and forced migration."

Cadet Isabella Sullivan is an International History major and two-time captain of the Army Women’s Volleyball Team from San Antonio, Texas. In high school, Sullivan had the opportunity to teach in her school’s adjoining preschool where she helped run youth development and cultural and character education. This experience piqued her interest in how leaders impact their communities. She continued to follow her passion for character-focused education at West Point, developing the Cultural Competency Thread as a freshman. This thread is an interdisciplinary academic program intended to foster cadets’ understanding of how cultures impact organizations and how cultural competency is a leadership asset. Her research in the history department also explores how leaders impact cultural division within their respective communities. Sullivan has also held important roles in the Corps of Cadets. Over the summer, she served as the Regimental Commander for Cadet Basic Training, leading the program that transformed 1,258 incoming students into West Point cadets. Presently, she is the Deputy Brigade Commander, the second-highest ranking cadet in the Corps. She oversees operations across a 12-person staff and fosters the academic, physical, military, and character development of 4,400 cadets. She hopes to serve as a Medical Service Officer, where she would continue to lead soldiers and move her larger organization forward as the primary medical administrator. As a Rhodes Scholar, Sullivan will study Public Policy and Education to better understand how and where leaders can inject character and leadership development to bridge cultural divides within communities around the globe.

"The Rhodes Scholarship is an incredible opportunity to continue serving and empowering younger generations in hopes that they will leave their communities improved. This award is an honor, and I'm greatly appreciative of those who paved the way before me and for those who have shaped my journey as a scholar, athlete, and future officer."

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