Army West Point Parachute Team hosts Inter-Service Academy Meet, takes top prize

By West Point Command Information Date: Tuesday, Apr 23, 2024 Time: 1:25 EST
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The Army West Point Parachute Team hosted the Air Force Academy and Naval Academy Parachute Teams for the annual Inter-Service Academy Meet (ISAM) on April 19-20 on The Plain.

During the practice runs, Britian’s Royal Navy Skydiving Team joined the teams.    

The U.S. Military Academy (USMA) has hosted the event the last four years among the three academies. The event consists of three events – Sport Accuracy (Individual and Team), Four-Way Formation Skydiving and Six-Way Skydiving. However, only Sport Accuracy occurred this year due to thick cloud cover throughout the event.

The final team results had Army West Point finishing first with a total of 247.14 meters, Air Force in second with 270.87 meters and Navy placing third with 306.00 meters. Top individuals in accuracy were Brett Dumais (Naval Academy, 3.64 meters total), Zeke Pyle (USMA, 10.31 meters) and Pierce Ederle (USMA, 16.42 meters) in their top three recorded jumps in how close they landed to the bull’s eye in the jump zone.

The annual event serves as an opportunity to bring together the entire service academy skydiving community and engage on the “fields of friendly strife.” 

To see more photos from the event, visit 2024 Inter Service Academy Meet | Flickr