Company teams fight, earn fall brigade titles

By John Pellino USMA PAO and Christopher Hennen USMA PAO Date: Wednesday, Nov 09, 2022 Time: 12:29 EST
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The Company Athletics Fall Brigade Championships in soccer, flag football, submission grappling, functional fitness and basketball took place Monday at Daly Field and the Arvin Cadet Physical Development Center.

The brigade finalists in company athletics competed in the championships as a part to enhance esprit de corps within the Corps of Cadets.

The brigade winners and runner-ups were Company D-1 over Company C-4 in soccer, Company D-1 defeating Company D-3 in flag football, Company C-2 was victorious over Company C-4 in basketball, Company G-1 triumphed over Company H-2 in functional fitness and Company A-3 took the submission grappling title over Company I-1.

The individual submission grappling titles were won by Samuel Budoff (125 pounds, Company I-1), Evan Vertuli (140 pounds, Company A-2), Giovanni Biondo (155 pounds, Company H-2), Blake Dority (170 pounds, Company A-3), Joshua Rhodebeck (185 pounds, Company A-2), Harry Combs (205 pounds, Company E-3), Tanner Traugutt (205-plus pounds, Company I-1), Jessica Ho (134 pounds women, Company A-3), Kaylah Ajram-Wright (166 pounds women, Company B-2) and Ijeoma Akubueze (166-plus pounds, Company I-3).

Photos by John Pellino and Christopher Hennen/USMA PAO