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The Digital History Center

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About the Center

The United States Military Academy at West Point Department of History is a world leader in the field of digital history. This encompasses both a methodological approach to asking and answering questions about the human past that would have been impossible or impractical to tackle without the aid of computers, and the use of digital tools for communicating historical sources and analysis in better ways than traditional media allow. The Digital History Center (DHC) encourages, coordinates, and supports the efforts of our faculty and cadets in the creation of digital history products, and works to sustain and continuously improve the digital textbooks and other resources used to enhance the learning of cadets in the courses we teach. The DHC also serves the wider historical community by making available digital resources that support learning about, teaching, or connecting with history, including digital versions of our widely used maps.

The Digital History Center Projects

The projects undertaken or supported by the DHC generally fall into three broad categories:

  • Cadet research utilizing digital history methodologies and involving faculty mentorship:
  • Research projects by faculty members using digital history methods, often involving the integration of cadets as undergraduate researchers:
  • History projects that are more about using digital media to present history in interactive ways than to answer historical questions.

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Mapping the Hudson

This is a multi-year project researching the military significance of New York state in the 18th century. This project brings together geographic and historical research to best present the area as we approach the 250th anniversary of the Revolution.

Learn more about mapping the Hudson Valley
Medieval Sieges

In the summer of 2018, four cadets worked with the first DHC director, Professor Cliff Rogers, to design and implement a database that would make it possible to answer questions about the Hundred Years’ War (1337-1453).

Learn more about medieval sieges
LTC William N. Reed

Cadets examine the record of LTC William N. Reed, the highest-ranking African-American soldier during the Civil War, and the impact he and other black officers would have on the Army as an instrument of social change both in their present and future.

Learn more about LTC Reed
Monument Wars

The John André memorial in Tappan, NY provides an excellent case study of the ways in which memorials can spark public controversy and become subject to changing interpretations over time.

Learn more about monument wars


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