Academic Overview

The academic program at the West Point Prep School is a dynamic curriculum, closely coordinated with the West Point syllabus.  It is designed to tailor instruction in order to best meet the needs of the individual Cadet Candidate. One of the central goals of the academic program is to fully challenge all Cadet Candidates while recognizing the diversity in their educational backgrounds.  The school's approach is to enhance the skills Cadet Candidates already possess while providing a solid basis for improvement in the skills which do not yet meet West Point entry levels.
USMAPS employs a system of "tracking" to fully challenge all Cadet Candidates.  Based upon their performance on a series of initial diagnostic tests and, more importantly, on their performance halfway through the first quarter of classroom work, Cadet Candidates are placed into specialized English and mathematics tracks.  This flexible academic approach allows Cadet Candidates to improve in weak areas while continuing to enhance their strong areas.  Tracks range in difficulty from fundamental to advanced placement.  During the academic year, Cadet Candidates can move between tracks, and upward movement is encouraged whenever possible.
Academic weeks are organized with "1" days and "2" days running alternately.  This program allows flexibility in scheduling required courses and for efficiency in the use of instructors and facilities.  The academic year consists of four quarters, averaging 36 classroom days each.  Teachers grade accordingly to accomplish the standard objectives and criteria.  Test results are not curved.  All students who attain the same level of performance against the standard receive the same grade.
All Cadet Candidates are expected to work diligently to surpass course standards in all areas.  Those Cadet Candidates who do not perform to the course standards are counseled, given specific remedial actions to improve performance, and provided an opportunity to remediate the material.  Students who repeatedly fail to attain course standards may be disenrolled.