USMAPS Athletics

USMAPS provides cadet candidates with a world-class physical developmental program--including top-tier staff and facilities.

USMAPS Athletics

USMAPS provides cadet candidates with a world-class physical developmental program--including top-tier staff and facilities.

World-Class Physical Developmental

USMAPS provides cadet candidates with a world-class physical developmental program, led by subject matter experts and Army Officers and designed to shape and mold future leaders of character both physically and mentally.

Athletics Leadership

Athletics Curriculum

USMAPS focuses on four areas of physical fitness: 

  1. Functional Fitness
  2. Military Movement
  3. Strength Training
  4. Mental Resiliency

These areas promote a well-balanced approach in preparing cadet candidates to meet the U.S. Military Academy's (USMA's) physical admission requirements.

The Department of Physical Education (DPE) & Athletics provides the cadet candidates with a core curriculum that echoes the USMA's core curriculum of Military Movement, Functional Fitness, Weightlifting, and Swimming.  

Through physical education and athletics, USMAPS strives to develop cadet candidates in all aspects of physical development to better prepare them to become warrior leaders of character who are physically and mentally tough.  

The DPE and Athletic Department leadership also promote the Army Values in all facets of cadet candidates' lives, encouraging a lifestyle of balance, healthy choices, and physical fitness, while inculcating a climate of dignity and respect.​

All cadet candidates are required to take and pass the Cadet Fitness Assessment (CFA) as a requirement for admission to the United States Military Academy.  The CFA, like the Army Combat Fitness Test, requires training and dedication to pass and sustain.  Cadet candidates should download the CFA instructions and utilize the resources provided on this page to help develop and sustain a physical fitness level that will enable them to pass the exam.

The Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) is required for all Soldiers in the U.S. Army.  At USMAPS, cadet candidates take an ACFT every academic quarter.  They take two diagnostic (1st Quarter & 3rd Quarter) and two record (2nd Quarter & 4th Quarter) ACFTs during their tenure at USMAPS.  These fitness tests contribute to their physical education class grade.  

Like the CFA, preparation and training is essential to achieve the Army ACFT standard.  For more information on how to train for the ACFT, including repetition goals, visit the U.S. Army website for guidance on the ACFT.

During Cadet Candidate Basic Training (CCBT), all cadet candidates take a swim test to assess their ability.  For individuals who require more development, USMAPS offers a six-week course to prepare cadet candidates for their first-year physical requirements and for Survival Swimming at USMA. 

Athletic Facilities

The USMAPS facilities are state of the art, providing cadet candidates with the best opportunities to develop themselves physically and mentally, ultimately shaping their character to excel as the future leaders of the Nation’s Army!

Athletic Teams

One facet of cadet candidates' leadership development is their participation in organized sports.  USAMPS offers nine different organized sports.  Many of these sports translate at the Division I and Intercollegiate level.  

USMAPS athletic programs are led by a professional staff who live by and promote the values of Duty, Honor, and Country on and off the field, providing cadet candidates with a developmental experience that is second to none.  

Sports Medicine

The mission​​​​ of the USMAPS Sports Medicine Department is to provide quality medical care to the Cadet Candidate Battalion. This will encompass timely injury evaluation and assessment, injury prevention through education and risk management, and rehabilitation services with the goal of physically preparing the cadet candidates for acceptance to USMA.​​

Located on the lower level of the Athletics wing, the USMAPS Sports Medicine facility is designed to accommodate the injury prevention, reconditioning, and rehabilitation needs of all cadet candidates. 

Covering 1,700 square feet, the facility boasts eight treatment tables, cardiovascular equipment, a hydrotherapy room, a Biodex Isokinetic Strengthening Unit, and an array of treatment and therapeutic devices aimed at delivering quality care to cadet candidates.  

Consisting of two certified athletic trainers, the sports medicine team works closely with physicians and specialists at the Keller Army Community Hospital to provide all students with timely and efficient care to return them to activity as quickly and safely as possible.  

A certified athletic trainer is on-site for all home competitions.  The athletic training staff provides emergency and acute care for visiting teams while at USMA.  Water, ice, and cups are provided. 

A USMA Department of Emergency Services ambulance is on-site for football games and on-call for other events.   

The athletic training staff cannot perform any treatments utilizing treatment modalities (i.e. electrical stimulation, ultrasound) without a written prescription or plan of care from a physician or athletic trainer.  The request is subject to the athletic trainers’ availability and the location of the competition.  Prophylactic taping will only be applied if the visiting team provides the supplies and if the request is made in a timely manner.

​​​In an emergency, dial 911. Direct ambulance to the scene.​ ​

​Keller Army Community Hospital (KACH):
Front Desk:​ ​845-938-5169
Emergency Room:​ 845-938-4004 ​​

KACH will be used for emergency situations only.​
For non-emergency illness/injury:

St. Luke's Cornwall Hospital

West Point Military Police:​ ​845-938-3333
Rite Aid Pharmacy:​​ ​845-446-3170

Mr. Tim Hansen - Head Athletic Trainer
Mr. Hansen earned his undergraduate degree from Kean University in 1997 and his master’s degree from Syracuse University in 2000. 

Mr. Robby Vought - Athletic Trainer
Robby Vought serves as the Assistant Athletic Trainer at USMAPS. His main responsibilities are to provide quality care to all varsity and club sports, as well as the entire Cadet Candidate Battalion.


The USMAPS academic program aligns with the USMA core curriculum and provides tailored instruction to best meet the needs of individual cadet candidates.

Military Training

Military training begins on the first day the cadet candidates arrive and is integrated into the academic year curriculum through a military science program. Military training also includes a focus on character development.