Join the West Point Admissions Team

Join the West Point Admissions Team

Whether you choose to apply as a Regional Commander, join the Military Academy Liaison Officer program or become a Field Force volunteer, Admissions is a challenging and rewarding developmental experience. If you are someone who is dedicated to sharing the Academy values of Honor, Duty, and Country, continue reading to explore the different ways you can become a part of the West Point Admissions Team.

Apply as a Regional Commander

As Regional Commanders, our officers recruit the highest quality candidates, perform a variety of professional services, and provide outreach for the Army. Only branch-qualified officers will be considered. 

If selected, you will attend a high-quality graduate program to obtain a Master of Business Administration at a school of your choosing followed by a three-year assignment to the Directorate of Admissions at West Point.  

Selection for Admissions Officers is highly competitive, and generally, only two to three Key Developed (KD) Captains are selected. We are committed to ensuring that our officers depart USMA with adequate time for an O-4 KD assignment prior to consideration for promotion to Lieutenant Colonel in the primary zone. 

Join the Military Academy Liaison Officer Program (MALO)

Admissions has a unique program that permits officers assigned to the Army Reserve IRR program to have, as their dedicated reserve assignment, supporting the Directorate of Admissions.  Duties include representing Admissions at events and activities within their local congressional district throughout each admissions cycle including at college fairs, congressional service academy days, meeting with school officials (teachers, guidance counselors, and various school district leadership), mentoring candidates and parents through the admission and nomination processes, assisting congressional district offices during nomination interview meetings, assisting Admissions diversity program office, and assisting Admissions at USMA on an “as needed” basis.
Officers in other reserve capacities can perform these same duties without being assigned to a MALO position and enjoy many of the same benefits as MALOs including accruing additional reserve duty points when representing Admissions at events or performing Admissions-related duties and assignments as described above.
Please click on the documents below to download additional information about the MALO program.  

Volunteer for the Field Force

Whether you are an active duty or retired Army officer or a civilian member, your participation in the Field Force is essential to West Point’s success. By helping to identify and recruit highly qualified high school students for the academy, you’re helping to shape the next generation of our country’s leaders. We appreciate your dedication and enthusiasm in sharing the benefits of a West Point education with future cadets. Thank you very much for your time and efforts in the service of our nation.

For further assistance, please contact your Regional Commander and/or contact our Field Force Liaison via email or by calling 845-938-5705.

Contact Admissions

Directorate of Admissions
ATTN: Personnel Officer
United States Military Academy
606 Thayer Road West Point, NY 10996

The Directorate of Admissions’ fax number is (845) 938-8121.  

If you have any further questions, please contact MAJ Michael Oletti at