Academic Infrastructure and Capabilities

Academic Infrastructure and Capabilities

Our academic infrastructure and capabilities upgrade program is a 15-year effort that will modernize our academic infrastructure and provide new and innovative ways to facilitate intellectual development at levels on par with, or ahead of, peer institutions with whom we compete for talent.  These efforts will allow us to bring our academic infrastructure well into the 21st century while simultaneously overcoming a deficit of 715,000 square feet of academic space (lab space, general instruction space, and collaboration space). 

This includes a reorganization of our academic disciplines and other programmatic enablers to facilitate more effective interdisciplinary collaboration and integration, as well as a more coherent consolidation of our military, leader, and character development capabilities.

Ultimately, these efforts are about Army readiness, which USMA contributes to by attracting the best and brightest talent possible, developing them into high-performing leaders of character, and then providing the Army with the professional core of every annual cohort of newly commissioned officers.

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