Military Leadership (PL300)


PL300 (Military Leadership) is a multidisciplinary study of leadership in organizations. Cadets pragmatically apply knowledge from the behavioral, organizational, and sociological sciences to become better leaders, develop better leaders, and make their organizations more effective. The course surveys a carefully selected set of the most relevant and useful ideas, scientific concepts, theories and knowledge. Topics include: leader and leadership development, character and its development, perceptions and biases, decision making, resilience, motivation, power and influence, leadership theory, counseling, negotiations, team dynamics, cohesion, group development, conflict management, organizational justice, organizational culture, organizational change, socialization, cross-cultural competence, and leadership in extremis. Cadets apply knowledge of these topics to their experiences as cadet leaders in the Corps of Cadets. In addition, cadets develops a leadership portfolio which helps refine and inform their personal approach to leading. The portfolio includes a 'Journey Line' Leader Reflection Paper, a leadership self-assessment and developmental plan, and a theoretically sound leadership philosophy.  PL300 is designed to maximize direct application for cadets in their roles as leaders in the Corps of Cadets and as future Army officers.