Cyber Research Center

Data Sets

The National Security Agency permitted both the recording and release of the following datasets.

In an attempt to provide users of our dataset a means to correlate IP addresses found in the PCAP files with the IP addresses to hosts on the internal USMA network, we are including a pdf file of the planning document used just prior to the execution of CDX 2009 (NOTE: USMA utilized network address translation). Keep in mind this was a planning document. Changes may have occurred to the USMA network that were not annotated on this document.

CDX_2009_Network_USMA PDF

Data Capture from National Security Agency (NSA)

** Note - The exercise directive had the service academies change the clocks forward to Nov-08 2011 on the first day of the exercise. All timestamps in the log files reflect the date change. The actually time on the clocks remained the same.