Diversity Forum

Exposure, Education, Empowerment

Mission Statement: Nested in the West Point Leadership Center, the Diversity Forum provides diverse exposure, unique education opportunities, and empowerment activities for cadets to lead on topics of diversity, inclusion, and equity. The forum embraces all cultures and ethnicities with the philanthropic focus on underrepresented and underserved populations. We also engage in educationally and culturally enriched mentorship, volunteerism, outreach, and advocacy.

Our Vision

The Diversity Forum enriches the Cadet experience by providing mentorship sessions, leader engagement, and outreach opportunities. Executes volunteerism opportunities locally and abroad to give back, while affording Cadets with depth and breath of varying cultures and complex problems. Educates stakeholders through an annual undergraduate workshop during the Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Conference, thus empowering Cadets to be a voice of change at the Academy.  

Six West Point cadets and a Coast Guard cadet stand on the balcony of the West Point Library.
Three male cadets and one female cadet stand together in the West Point Library.


  • Founded by the Department of Behavioral Science and Leadership in 2019 as ‘Embrace and Engage’
  • Updated name to ‘Diversity Forum’ in 2020
  • Provides mentorship and opportunities for cadets to lead on topics of diversity, equality, and inclusion with their undergraduate peers
  • Provides education, training, outreach, and advocacy for diversity, equity and inclusion issues for key stakeholders on campus
  • Executes volunteerism opportunities locally and abroad to give back, while affording Cadets with depth and breath of varying cultures and complex problems


  • Exposure of Cadets to International and Domestic Cultures outside of their own
  • Educating the Corps of Cadets and our Higher leadership on Diversity Literacy
  • Empower our Minority Communities to enact the change they wish to see in the institution, while ensuring there is a feedback loop within our communities
Male West Point sitting at table with other cadets, actively listening to the panelists speak during the Diversity Conference.
Cadet Lauren Fairfax standing up to ask a question during the Diversity and Inclusion conference hosted at West Point.

Diversity Forum Leadership

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LTC Andrea Peters, Officer In Charge