West Point Negotiation Project

  • Founded by BS&L in 2005
  • Gather, grow and share the best negotiations expertise in the army
  • Modeled on/trained by the Harvard negotiation project
  • Run by two BS&L CPTs/MAJs

The West Point Negotiations Project continues to provide the best negotiations expertise in the Army. The principled negotiations tactics, techniques, and procedures trained are modeled by the Harvard Negotiation Project and are taught to all second-class cadets who take the required leadership capstone course in BS&L, PL300: Military Leadership. A more detailed elective course is also offered within our Management program, MG390: Negotiations for Leaders. The project is fragmented in various events throughout the year; an annual cadets training workshop is hosted in April for 100 cadets. A live simulation on Constitution Island is held in May and an annual army leaders training conference is held in June.