Department of Military Instruction Staff and Faculty

Department Heads

COL Alan Boyer

Director, Department of Military Instruction

Staff And Faculty

SFC Anthony Allen

MS100 Instructor, DMI S4 NCO

MAJ Todd Angstman

Instructor, National Guard Representative

Ms. Cynthia Aragon

West Point Simulation Center IT Specialist

CPT(P) Casey Bell

MS300 Asst. Course Director, MS300 Instructor

SFC Christopher Bowman

DMI Operations NCO, Land and Ammo Manager

SGM Timo Braese

MST Ops SGM, MS300 Instructor

MAJ Andrew V. Bryant

Field Artillery Branch Representative

Mr. Victor Castro

Deputy Director, Training Specialist

Dr. Gordon Cooke

Director, Research and Strategy, Associate Professor

MAJ Evan Dawson

Instructor, Course Director

LTC Charles Faint

Deputy Director, Modern War Institute

CPT Mike Foley

MS 100 Assistant Course Director

LTC Eric Gust

Chief of Accessions Division

MAJ Ryan Hintz

MS100 Course Director , MS100 Instructor

CPT Jeong Hong (Jason)

Asst Course Director, MS200, MS200 Instructor

COL Patrick Howell

Director, Modern War Institute, Thesis Adviser

LTC Christopher Johnes

Director, West Point Simulation Center

MAJ Brian Maginn

Department Operations Officer , MS300 Instructor

Dr. Max Margulies

Assistant Professor, Director of Research at the Modern War Institute

Ms. Sheryl A. Marion

Modeling & Simulation Analyst

MAJ Sean Marquis

Instructor, Head Department Academic Counselor

Mr. Todd Messitt

MS200 Assistant Professor, MST Budget Analyst

CPT Romedy Murr

Infantry Branch Representative , MS300 Instructor

CPT Allan J. Newman

Aviation and Medical Service Branch Representative

Mr. Beau Pendergraft

MS300 Assistant Professor, NIT Course Director

MSG Cody Posey

Senior Enlisted Advisor , MS300 Instructor

SFC Nelch Princivil

DMI S4 NCOIC, MS100 Instructor

CPT Marquice Pullen

Adjutant General and Finance Corps Branch Representative, MS200 Instructor

CPT Sandra Ramsey

MI/CY/SC Branch Representative, MS 200 Instructor

CPT Tavis Reid

EN Branch Representative, MS200 Instructor

CPT Michael Rodriguez

AR Branch Representative, MS 300 Instructor

SFC Allen Rollins

MS300 Instructor, DMI Land & Ammunition NCO

LTC Matthew Sacra

Course Director, Instructor

LTC Adam Sawyer

Chief, Military Science & Training

MAJ Matthew Schardt

MWI Executive Officer, DSS Instructor

MAJ Phillip Skillman

MS300 Instructor, USMC Exchange Officer

MAJ Matthew Snyder

DS360 Course Director and Instructor, Department Academic Counselor

MAJ Griffin Spencer

ML200 Course Director, MS200 Instructor

CPT Alyssa Tallmadge

Assessment Coordinator, Engineer, Military Police and Chemical Branch Representative

CPT Joe Van Valkenburg

Air Defense Branch Rep, MS200 Instructor

CPT(P) Ted Watts

British Exchange Officer, MS300 Instructor

LTC Scott Woodbrey

US Air Force LNO, MWI Budget Officer