Department of Physical Education and Athletics

The USMAPS Department of Physical Education and Athletics (DPE&A) provides Cadet Candidates with a world-class physical developmental program, led by subject matter experts and Army Officers, designed to shape and mold future leaders of character both physically and mentally.  Our strategy focuses on four areas of Physical Fitness: 1 - Functional Fitness; 2 - Military Movement;  3 - Strength Training; 4 - Mental Resiliency.  These areas promote a well-balanced approach in preparing our Cadet Candidates to meet USMA’s physical admission requirements.
One facet of Cadet Candidates' leader development is their participation in organized sports.  The USMAPS Athletics staff, along with the facilities, provides the opportunity to support up to nine organized sports.  Many of these sports translate at the Division I and Intercollegiate level.  Our athletic programs are led by a veteran staff who live and promote the values of Duty, Honor, and Country on and off the field, providing the best leadership experience that is second to none.  
Our facilities are state of the art, providing our Cadet Candidates with the best opportunities to develop themselves physically and mentally, ultimately shaping their character to excel as the future leaders of our nation’s Army!