SCPME Prospective Rotating Military Faculty

SCPME Prospective Rotating Military Faculty

Join Team SCPME!

On behalf of Colonel James Yastrzemsky, Director of the Simon Center for the Professional Military Ethic (SCPME), we would like to invite you to apply to join our team. If you believe you would enjoy the challenge of educating, training, and inspiring the Corps of Cadets so that each graduate is a commissioned leader of character committed to the values of Duty, Honor, Country, and prepared for a career of professional excellence and service to the Nation as an officer in the United States Army, then please use reach out to our personnel officer and initiate an application. 

What would I be teaching?

  • Most officers in SCPME have a primary duty as an MX400: Officership Instructor.
  • The Education Officer and the Special Assistant to the Commandant for Respect also teach MX400, with a reduced course load.
  • The Special Assistant to the Commandant for Honor and the Executive Officer are full-time positions typically filled by an officer selected during their second or third year in the Simon Center. 

What are some opportunities to advance in my career?

Three Options for ACS Schooling

Eligibility Requirements for ACS Schooling

All basic branches and commissioning sources are eligible, and we actively seek diversity in both.

Timeline requirements.  For 2-year ACS programs, SCPME typically recruits officers who are in their 6th to 8th year in the Army. Officers must meet the Key Development (KD) requirements for their branch (CCC and KD assignment) prior to beginning graduate school.

The intent is to ensure that officers selected to come to West Point will begin serving in their assigned  job NLT the start of their 10th year of commissioned service, which translates into them spending three years as an instructor, going to ILE (or equivalent duty), and then having a minimum of 18 months to branch qualify as a major prior to their primary zone LTC promotion board.  This enables the officers to remain competitive for battalion command.

Selection Criteria. SCPME selects officers based upon a distinguished pattern of military performance, as well as the ability to gain acceptance and succeed at a top graduate program. 

2 year ACS Masters Program 
Direct Assignment at SCPME

SCPME screens and selects 1-3 officers per year to attend a 2 year ACS Masters Program with immediate 2-3 year follow on assignment at SCPME.  Most officers will have a primary duty as an MX400 instructor.  In their second and third year, there is opportunity to fill other positions in SCPME, or to teach another course in a department related to your academic discipline. 

Degree Programs:  In order to support our effort to educate cadets on interdisciplinary problem solving, we desire a diverse faculty with a broad spectrum of academic interests that span the four fields of military expertise: military-technical, moral-ethical, political-cultural, and leader-human development.  SCPME selects candidates to pursue two year ACS funded masters degree programs in the following fields:

  • Philosophy
  • Psychology: IO Psych, MBA, MPA, Sociology
  • History:  History and Military History
  • Social Science: International Affairs, Economics, American Politics


MX400 Fellowship Program 
2 year ACS Masters Program
Initial Assignment in another USMA Academic Department

To facilitate interdisciplinary expertise within our faculty and collaboration with applicable disciplines here at USMA, SCPME has developed a partnership with the following academic departments: Social Sciences, History, Philosophy, and Behavioral Sciences and Leadership.  On a rotating schedule, each of these departments will select and hire one faculty member, who will complete graduate school and spend their first year teaching in that department, followed by two years in SCPME with the possibility to continue teaching an elective in the other department. 

Application and Selection Process:  The application and selection process for these programs will be handled by each department's respective personnel officers.  

Eisenhower Leadership Development Program (ELDP)
1 year ACS

This program is managed by the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership (BS&L) and involves a separate application process.  Selected candidates, typically a cohort of 20-25 officers per year pursue a 1-year Master of Arts in Social Organizational Psychology at Columbia University.  Most of these officers go on to become Company Tactical Officers, however SCPME interviews and selects 1-3 officers per year to become MX400 instructors.  This interview takes place during the final semester of graduate school.

Application and Selection Process:

•Application and selection for ELDP ACS is managed by the BS&L ELDP XO. More information on ELDP and the application process is located here.

•Application and selection from the ELDP cohort to become an MX400 Instructor in SCPME is managed by the SCPME personnel officer. 

Application packets are due by 1 November

Start your TEACH application
Learn more about applying at West Point

Rotating military faculty consists of of active-duty captains, majors, and lieutenant colonels. An assignment to West Point as a rotating faculty member requires officers to submit an application through the CAC-enabled TEACH system

Department-Specific Questions and Requirements

To initiate your application, send an email to the SCPME recruiting officer with a copy of your ORB/SRB and availability date.  When prompted, submit the required documents listed below to the TEACH platform.

If you applied via TEACH, please notify the SCPME recruiting officer of your intention to submit your application there and update them when your packet is complete. 

All candidates desiring to compete for graduate school must have packets completed and submitted directly to the SCPME hiring committee or uploaded into TEACH.

Contact Us

Application Questions:
CPT Robert "Bo" Farrell
SCPME recruiting officer

MX400 Questions:
CPT (P) Brian Martinez
MX400 assistant course director

Learn more about SCPME

The William E. Simon Center for the Professional Military Ethic (SCPME) serves as the proponent for the Character Program which helps Cadets understand what it means to be a commissioned leader of character who achieves the West Point Leader Development System's outcomes of living honorably and leading honorably.

Other Opportunities

It takes a team to ensure the U.S. Military Academy at West Point can fulfill its mission to educate, train, and inspire the Corps of Cadets.  There are roles for military and civilian faculty to teach cadets and for those both in and out of uniform to ensure the systems and processes required to operate a military installation and college campus are in place and running efficiently.