Mounger Writing Center

COVID-19 UPDATE: The MWC will conduct online appointments only for the fall 2020 semester. MWC online appointments are available for booking by all cadets and faculty for feedback on any academic, personal, or professional writing project. 

All sessions are asynchronous (no video or audio meeting); during your sixty-minute session, a Writing Fellow will (1) review your appointment form and the in-progress writing project you've uploaded to it; (2) construct formal written feedback on your work, which will be emailed to you at the session's end; and, (3) send a brief report to your instructor. See our Cadet FAQ page for tips on how to make the most out of your appointment.

These consultations are designed to help all writers express themselves more clearly, forcefully, and effectively. Check out what cadets say about their experiences!

The MWC complements the academic assistance that cadets receive from the Center for Enhanced Performance and specialists at the Library by supporting the entire spectrum of cadet writing and communication needs.

Make appointments on the MWC website: