Our Pedagogical Model

Consistent with its counterparts at other colleges and universities, the WPWP understands writing as a complex, recursive, and highly situated social process. Learning to write well—not to mention learning to teach writing effectively—requires guided practice that is varied and sustained.

The 'Pedagogical Model' we advocate has the potential to inform any course in which writing is done. Specifically-enumerated approaches in the model are implemented to varying degrees in all courses linked to the Writing Program. In combination with the distinct Curricular Standards articulated for these courses (FYCWiCWiMWiP), their Signature Writing Events , and the Writer ePortfolios that all Cadets maintain, this model encourages students to take ownership in their own development as writers and see writing effectively as integral to their professional development and lifelong learning.

Course Directors are welcome to collaborate with Writing Program leaders to learn more about integrating more effective pedagogical approaches to writing into their overall course objectives.