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Prior to starting your job as a Tactical Officer (TAC), the Advanced Civil Schooling (ACS) portion of your assignment through the Eisenhower Leadership Program (ELDP) takes 12-months to complete earning a master’s degree in Social-Organizational Psychology from Columbia University (Teachers College).  Officers are stationed at West Point during this period and are assigned to the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership. They are inter-post transferred to the Brigade Tactical Department after graduation for the remainder of their tour as a TAC. Classes are coordinated between USMA and Columbia University, with some held on post but most are held on the Teachers College, Columbia University campus in New York City. Below is a list of courses you will take:

Summer Courses (JUN-AUG)

•ORLJ 4005: Organizational Psychology

•ORLJ 4009: Behavioral Research 

•ORLJ 5005: Leadership

•ORL 5362: Group and Team Dynamics

•LD710:  Quantitative Research Methods

Fall Courses (AUG-DEC)

•ORLJ 4001: Executive Coaching

•ORLD 4051: Adult Learning

•ORLJ 5340: Adaptive Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

•LD720: West Point, the Army, and the American Military Experience

•LD730: Cross Cultural Leadership


Spring Courses (JAN-MAY)

•ORLJ 5045: Organizational Dynamics and Theory

•ORLJ 5010: Field-Based Coaching Practicum

•ORLJ 6343: Practicum in Change and Consultation in Organizations

•LD740: Leader(ship) Development

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