Requirements for Selection

You must

  • Be an officer in a Regular Army status at time of application and selection.
  • Have not more than a total of 17 years Active Federal Service upon entry in Columbia University (ACS Program).
  • Hold an undergraduate degree with minimum GPA of 2.5. GPA
  • Officers may apply and be selected without a record GRE, but they must meet the minimum requirements (153 Verbal, 144 Quant, 4.0 Writing) prior to beginning the program. 
  • Have GRE scores within 5 years from the date of entry into the program.
  • Be Branch Qualified Captains.
  • Demonstrate potential for continued service.
  • Be projected to be complete with Captain Key Development time. 

Additional Considerations

  • All commissioning sources highly encouraged (USMA, ROTC, OCS).
  • Selection to the program is competitive, based on both performance evaluations as an officer and academic achievement.
  • Annual selection boards convene each November and make selections for the academic year beginning 1.5 years ahead (In other words, the November 2022 selection board chooses officers for a class start date of May 2024 and so forth.)
  • Company Command experience is highly desirable.

Apply to the ELDP now. 

You must have:

  • Uploaded all OERs/AERs
  • Undergraduate Education Information
  • Inputted GRE/GMAT scores
  • At least Two Letters of Recommendation
    • One from current command team
  • College Transcripts
  • Letter of Intent
  • PT Score Card


* All applications are run through (CAC-enabled).

Columbia TAC Year 1, 2 and 3 Schedule

JuneMessaging for hiring (2 Years Out)
November 1Application Deadline (1.5 Years Out)
NovemberHiring Board (1.5 Years Out)
November/DecemberBTD Interviews (1.5 Years Out)
End of JanuarySession Notification (1.5 Years Out)

* Target Year Groups (YG) are YG+5/6 for application and YG+7/8 to begin ELDP to ensure you remain competitive for primary zone Lieutenant Colonel.

Apply to the ELDP now.


January (1.5 Years) - April (1 Month Out): Successfully Command
January / February: Application to Columbia (3-4 months out)
Mid / End March: Request for Order / Orders (2 months out)
April / May: Permanent change of station (PCS) to West Point (1 month out)
No later than May 30: Report date to West Point for orientation
Early June: Begin Summer Semester

For more information please contact Major Rich

Graduate and Commission (Year Group (YG))
BOLC and 1st Assignment (YG+1 Year)
1st Assignment Staff/XO (YG+2 Years)
1st Assignment Staff /XO (YG+3 Years)
Attend CCC (YG+4Years)
Apply to West Point
2nd Assignment Company Command (YG+6 Years)
2nd Assignment Staff/Company Command (YG+5Years)
Graduate School
3rd Assignment, Year 1 at West Point, ELDP at Columbia (YG+ 8 Years)
Three Year Utilization at West Point
4th Assignment, Year 2 at West Point, TAC Year 1 (YG+9 Years)
4th Assignment, Year 3 at West Point, TAC Year 2 (YG+10 Years)
4th Assignment at West Point, TAC Year 3 RXO/USMAPS )YG + 11 Years)
Command and General Staff College (CGSC) (YG+12 Years)


Contact Us


Contact our Tactical Officer Recruiting and Selection Liaison for more information about the Eisenhower Leader Development program at