The Tactical Non-Commissioned Officer

The Tactical Non-Commissioned Officer Serves in the capacity of a First Sergeant for a Cadet company of 125 future officers; coaches, trains, and develops Cadet NCOs on leadership and responsibilities; supervises and teaches Drill and Ceremony, Military Science, Cadet Basic and/or Cadet Field Training; conducts inspections of all aspects of Cadet development; monitors Cadet functions; participates in Cadet mentorship program; METL development; Instrumental in the development of Cadets who will serve as platoon leaders upon graduation; responsible for the maintenance and accountability of Cadet barracks and all associated equipment and LMTS valued at $2 million.

The Military Science (M/S) Instructor/Writer

The Military Science (M/S) Instructor/Writer at the United States Military Academy provides college accredited instructions on small unit tactics to over 100 West Point Cadets and Foreign Exchange Cadets from ~12 different countries; develops the Cadet’s ability to make sound tactical plans and timely decision making in challenging and stressful environment; plans, resources and executes course lessons, tactical decision exercises and field training events for more than 1,400 Cadets.


The basic criteria for this assignment are:

  • Have a strong desire to serve in a critical position at USMA
  • SFC with 24 months PSG time / IAW Professional Development Model
  • Highly successful PSG duty
  • Strong communication skills
  • Strong physical attributes
  • Authorized MOSs - 11B, 12B, 13B/F/J/R 14E/H/T,15P, 18B, 19D/K, 25U, 31B, 35F, 88N/M, 91X, 92A/Y

Automatic Disqualifications

Automatic Disqualifications include:

  • SFC(P) or Master Sergeant
  • Non-authorized MOS
  • Currently on the AWCP
  • History of APFT failure
  • History of poor performance or Relief for cause NCOER
  • Currently serving in a TDA assignment

Development Opportunities

NCO Development Architecture immerses an NCO in the academic, military, physical and extracurricular activities of a Cadet in order to educate, train and inspire every graduate to be a leader of character committed to the values of Duty, Honor, Country and prepared for a career of professional excellence and service to the nation as an officer in the United States Army.  Tactical NCOs and MS Instructor/Writers will also be given the opportunity to attend the Benavidez Leader Development Program (BLDP).  BLDP is a full-time 3-week executive education program in Organizational Psychology and Leadership Development delivered at USMA for week 1 and Columbia University (Teachers College) for the following two weeks. Additionally, NCOs are also provided opportunities to attend military schools in the summer and college courses while at West Point during off duty hours. Educational advancement is highly encouraged for all Tactical NCOs.  Mount St. Mary’s College, Long Island University, St. Thomas Aquinas, and online agencies all offer undergraduate and graduate degree programs through West Points Educational Center. 

Why you want to join the team!

The Tactical NCO and MS Instructor/Writer are the first NCOs that a future officer will contact. They must exemplify the highest standards of the NCO Corps as they will have great influence over a Cadet’s development to live honorably, lead honorably and demonstrate excellence for years to come; he/she must be in the top 15% of the NCO Corps.

Tactical NCO and MS Instructor/Writer positions are extremely competitive based on the level of responsibility and operational tempo of their duties surrounding a Cadet’s life at West Point.  All prospective candidates are screened against the enlisted manning cycle marketplace. All Tactical NCOs selected have promotion potential and have been successful platoon sergeants. Tactical NCOs return to the Army ready to serve as First Sergeants.


If you would like to learn more about Tactical NCO and MS Instructor/Writer positions, contact the Brigade Tactical NCO and Department of Military Instruction NCO.



USCC CSM: Ken Killingsworth

The United States Military Academy is an Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action Employer.

Females and minorities are strongly encouraged to apply.