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About the Center

The Photonics Research Center (PRC) is West Point's home to photonics and optics experts from diverse fields of study. Here we conduct cutting-edge research into producing and harnessing the power of ultraviolet, visible, and infrared light. Photonics is a large discipline and encompasses lasers, imaging, fiber optics, night vision, remote sensing, materials, optical sensing, and energy storage among others.

The center is composed of faculty and researchers from the departments of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Physics and Nuclear Engineering, and Chemistry and Life Science.  While many cadets who contribute to research come from these departments, we have research opportunities for students from a diverse backgrounds of academic experience.

Photonics Research Center Projects

Our cadets and faculty are conducting research at the cutting edge of photonics. Our established research fields include:

Photonic Crystal

Our recent work established an apparatus for measuring the beam propagation factor, known as M2, of vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs). VCSELs are nanoscale lasers used in systems such as optical fiber communication systems and even the iPhone facial recognition system.

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High Energy Lasers

Directed energy weapon systems in the form of lasers are capable of producing both reversible and non-reversible battlefield effects. The High Energy Laser project in the Photonics Research Center conducts research in support of Department of Defense high-energy laser projects.

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3D Thin Film Nanomaterials

Carbon nanomaterials are a promising nanoscale platform to construct next-generation composite thin films for high-performance, lightweight, and configurable optical sensors and electrodes.

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Quantum Antenna

Nonlinear optics have shown promise from simple frequency conversion to quantum computations. This research project expands the body of work in the area of nonlinear photonics using silicon photonics. Current work is being performed to build a platform for characterizing silicon photonic integrated chips.

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Publications and Resources

Our researchers frequently publish in top journals and present research at conferences.

Contact Us

Photonics Research Center
Bartlett Hall Science Center
753 Cullum Road, Room 191
West Point, New York, 10996-1905
Phone: (845) 938-5565

Collaborate With Us

The Office of Research helps coordinate West Point’s research efforts with external entities. Those interested in conducting research with West Point can email the Associate Dean for Research.