Our enabling efforts comprise those things that underpin the day-to-day execution of our mission.  This includes community support facilities such as fitness centers, education centers, garrison support facilities, the DoDEA schools, the commissary, the hospital and dental clinic.

Perhaps the most important of these facilities is the supporting utilities infrastructure grid that powers, services, and otherwise enables all things on West Point to function.  This also includes our installation housing elements which, although privatized, will also be worked into our overarching plan.

With the recent completion of the addition to Keller Army Community Hospital, we are now in phase two of the broader hospital renovation.  The recently completed new DoDEA elementary school will help to launch the educational capabilities for the children of our community into the 21st century with modern facilities to enable modern teaching pedagogies.  It is capabilities like Keller and our secondary schools on West Point that help us to attract the highest-quality military and civilian staff, faculty, and coaches. 

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