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United States Military Academy

Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunity


600 Thayer Road, 7th Floor

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USMA EO Program Manager Office: (845) 938-6745

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The Office of the Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunity (ODIEO) was established in May 2014 to be the focal point for West Point Diversity and Inclusion outreach initiatives, projects, and plans; to enhance partnership in collaboration with internal and external resources; and to develop and facilitate affinity groups as a forum for individuals to network, share knowledge, challenges, and ideas. 

In December 2019, West Point created its first Diversity Inclusion Plan (2020-2025) and has continued to develop and implement strategies that contribute to the USMA mission readiness while transforming and sustaining the Army as a national leader in diversity. 

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Develop and leverage a diverse and inclusive USMA team to educate, train, and inspire leaders of character capable of effective leadership in a multicultural Army.


The United States Military Academy is recognized by the Army and the nation as the preeminent leader development and academic institution committed to inclusive principles and practices.

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Formulate, direct, and sustain a comprehensive human relations effort to eliminate discrimination, to maximize human potential, and to ensure fair treatment for all personnel.


The Armed Forces represent the nation it defends, including by reflecting our nation’s diversity. There is a growing divide between the demographics of the military and that of the American people. An Army not representative of the nation risks becoming illegitimate in the eyes of the people.  It is imperative that we leverage all aspects of the nation’s diversity to include gender, ethnicity, religion, education, thought, sexual orientation, and cultural background to create and sustain an inclusive organization that attracts the best the Nation has to offer.

We must create an environment that appeals to the aspirations of America’s younger generation.  Only then will we be successful in competing with the civilian sector for the highest quality recruits.  Increasing diversity in the Officer Corps and developing officers who engage and understand American society will foster a better civil-military relationship and assist in shrinking the gap between the military and civilian leaderships.

A diverse and inclusive organization that is representative of the society it serves will allow us to attract men and women, which inherently strengthens the force.